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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Ottawa April 18 7:30pm - Community Forum on Ottawa's High Tech Industry

David Pratt, M.P. for Nepean-Carleton will be hosting a Community 
Forum on Ottawa's High Tech Industry at the Nepean Sportsplex at 7:30 
pm. The Honourable Allan Rock, Minister of Industry will be the 
keynote speaker and will join a distinguished panel of local business 
leaders including John Watts, President of General Dynamics Canada, 
Adam Chowaniec, Chair of the Board of Tundra and John Reid, President 
of the Canadian Advanced Technology Association. Representatives from 
over 40 companies and organizations have already confirmed their 
participation. This public forum will address the strengths and 
weaknesses of the local high technology industry. 

The discussions will focus on what role government should be playing 
in support of the this sector from the standpoint of tax policy, 
trade promotion, education and training, research and development and 
support programs such as Technology Partnerships Canada and the 
Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credit. 

Following presentations from the panel members, the floor will be 
open to submissions from the public. Written submissions are also 
encouraged. A report of the evening's discussions and suggestions 
will subsequently be submitted to the Minister. 

For more information, please call Michael May at 992-2772 or 295-
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