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[OPIRG-EVENTS] (Fri Apr 26) Barrie Zwicker: Are Media a Lost Cause for Activists?

Please circulate this notice:

               WORKSHOP with BARRIE ZWICKER
           (long-time journalist and media critic)
                on Activist-Media Relations:

"Are the Mainstream/Corporate Media a Lost Cause for Activists?"

            Friday, April 26, 2002,  7:30 pm.
            Ottawa Public Library (Main Branch)
            120 Metcalfe St. (at Laurier)

* "Objectivity in journalism is advocacy for the status quo."
   Tom Wicker, former writer for the New York Times

* "I've given up altogether on the corporate media."
   Michael Valpy, Faith & Ethics reporter, The Globe & Mail; and NDP 
candidate in the last federal election

About the WORKSHOP:
Barrie Zwicker's workshop on the relationships between activists and 
the media (both mainstream and alternative) will focus on key areas 
of concern for those interested in, and involved with peace, human 
rights and environmental campaigns.  Barrie will use video clips to 
illustrate some of his points.  There will be plenty of time for 
questions and discussion.

Barrie hosts Vision TV's weekly "Insight Media File" and is in his 
14th year as Vision's resident media critic. He recently broadcast a 
controversial series of illustrated commentaries, called "The Great 
Deception." In these, Barrie dares to question the official version 
of what really happened on September 11. (This video will be shown in 
Ottawa on April 27, see details below.)

Barrie has worked in journalism and communications since age 16 (The 
Vancouver Province, The Detroit News, the Flint Journal, the Lansing 
State Journal, The Toronto Star and at The Globe and Mail for eight 
years). He taught journalism part time for seven years at Ryerson 
Polytechnic University and has co-authored and co-edited, "THE NEWS: 
Inside the Canadian Media" and authored "War, Peace and the Media."

This workshop is organized by:
Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) http://www.ncf.ca/coat
NOWAR/PAIX (Network to Oppose War and Racism/Pacte contre 
l'agression, l'intolérance et la xénophobie)

For more information, contact:
Richard Sanders (COAT)       231-3076   ad207@ncf.ca
Mick Panesar    (NOWAR/PAIX) 523-1077   nowar_paix@flora.org

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