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[OPIRG-EVENTS] REMINDER: TOMORROW - Celebrate Canada Book Day with a Victoria novelist!

When: Tuesday April 23 7pm -9pm
Where: 116 Third Ave (Octopus Books)
More Info: 233-2589, www.octopusbooks.org

Meet Clint Hutzulak, Victoria author of The Beautiful Dead End (Anvil 
Press) and hear him read from his novel.  Support Canadian authors, small 
presses and your independent bookstore with an evening of wine & cheese and 
an interesting story-teller.  If you like dark novels this one is for you!

The Globe & Mail say: "Every detail of setting and behaviour and inner 
response contributes to the spare, mesmerizing beauty of Hutzulak's 
prose...Hutzulak at his best creates scenes shimmering with presence, in 
which nothing is extraneous to his purpose.  Even things such as an image 
seen in passing...resonate as emblems of something essential."

ALSO: Diane Keating will be reading her poetry on Thursday April 25 at 7:30 
at Octopus.  April is National Poetry Month and we would love to see you at 
our little shop.  More details to follow in another email. Thanks!

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join us at http://www.octopusbooks.org

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