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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Beyond the Racist Backlash and Towards Solidarity with the Muslimcommunity: Monday, April 29th 2002

Rainbow Coalition:
Beyond the Racist Backlash and Towards Solidarity with
the Muslim Community


Monday April 29
120 Metcalfe Street Main Ottawa Public Library
On the corner of Laurier

The panel will address concrete ways to stand in support of the Muslim
community both on an International and domestic level. Discussions will
include proposals that move towards building bridges and networks in our
diverse community while revisiting and evaluating the hate-crimes, racial
profiling, and discrimination in the aftermath of September 11.

For more information contact rainbowcoalition@canada.com

*Donations for The Council on American-Islamic Relations CANADA
(Cair-Canada) a grassroots activist organization which works to empower
Canadian Muslims in the fields of the media, human rights, and political

We are of different races and different ages
We stand in colorful harmony against any human atrocity
-Rainbow Coalition

 Nancy Peckford
 Women's Studies Programme		Research Assistant
 Memorial University			National Association of Women
 St. John's, NF				and the Law
 A1C 5S7				Ottawa, ON
 (709) 737-3322 			(613) 241-7570

		"My point is not that everything is bad,
		 but that everything is dangerous."
					Michel Foucault

		"Hope is a passion for the possible."

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