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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Urgent action by Thurs. Apr.25

> From: Ontario_Electricity_Coalition1 <oec@electricitycoalition.org>
> Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 16:40:29 -0400
> Subject: Urgent Msg to OEC Ottawa
> Appeal to Ottawa Activists   URGENT
> Gary Guzzo, an MPP in the region has complained that MPPs were broadsided by
> Harris on the issues of Hydro. We want you to call/fax/e-mail him NOW,
> before he participates in a cabinet meeting with Ernie Eves tomorrow. We would
> like you to tell him:

> a) That he has your support in opposing the sale of HydroOne

> b) That he is doing the right thing by the public, and that he should get
> his other MPPs to join him; and

> c) That his leadership will be putting the Tories at risk of oblivion if
> they go through with the Privatization and the opening of the market at
> this time.
> They will listen to you or there will be a recording, but you must be
> heard.
> Or you could fax or e-mail. Look at our website for the information on
> their numbers  =  http://www.keephydropublic.com/homepage.html

> GUZZO, Garry PC
> Ottawa West--Nepean / Ottawa-Ouest--Nepean
> Queen's Park Address
> Telephone: 416-325-8177
> Fax: 416-325-8204
> Constituency Office Address
> Telephone: 613-727-2657
> Fax: 613-224-3306
> garry_guzzo@ontla.ola.org
> Turn up the heat from NOW till tomorrow lunch time
> This may be worth all the work we've done up to now

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