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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Play - Ontario, yours to... April 27 @ 7 pm - free

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ODLC Media Release
Ottawa & District Labour Council  -  233-7820  -  www.ottawalabour.org

 April 21, 2002 - For immediate release

 Burning Passions Theatre in association with The Ontario Coalition for
Social Justice & the Fit to Govern Campaign present:
Ontario, yours too....
Saturday, April 27, 2002 @ 8p.m.
St. Luke's Anglican Church Hall 760 Somerset St. West
(Corner of Somerset & Bell - Use the Somerset Door)
free admission
"Ontario, Yours Too...", staged by Burning Passions Theatre in collaboration
with the Ontario Coalition for Social Justice 's "Fit to Govern " campaign,
the show is an opportunity to use drama, comedy and song to reflect on the
human issues behind the headlines about the environment, health care,
welfare cuts, poverty, and the erosion of democratic rights. 
         Making use of an interactive popular theatre style, the show is
also about community engagement and empowerment, themes which underscore the
Fit to Govern campaign 's goal of building lasting community networks that
survive regardless of which party sits at Queen 's Park.  After the one-hour
staged presentation, audience members will be encouraged to interact with
Burning Passions troupe members in an exercise or two that uses theatre as a
means of discussing issues and solutions to a local conflict or divisive
political issue.
         "Burning Passions Theatre has always been about bringing to the
spotlight voices that are often marginalized in our society," said artistic
director and performer Laurel Smith.  "We don 't necessarily have the
answers to society 's problems, but we feel one of our roles is to pose the
questions that don 't always get asked, but need to. "This new piece strives
to get beyond one-dimensional characters -the greedy banker, the welfare
cheat, the minimum wage "McWorker" struggling with whether to organize a
union -in a way that questions how and why we live our lives in this manner,
and whether we can find another way of relating to one another that brings
about equality for all the people of Ontario, not just those with a lot of
money, power and privilege.
"This show isn't about Tories or Liberals, it 's about us, the people of
Ontario -both the people who profit, and the people who get hurt in the
process.  We think theatre is a great way to get beyond the labels, which
divide us to find the commonalities which bridge our lives. Troupe members,
in addition to Smith, include Matthew Behrens, Elyssa Livergant, Isa Peryman
and Kirsten Romaine, with dramaturgical assistance from Carole Logan, and
set construction by John Milton.
"The Labour Council is happy to sponsor the plays appearance in Ottawa said
Labour Council Secretary Sean McKenny"
The play started its 13 City tour of Ontario in St. Catharines on April 20th
and will end it on June 9th in North Bay.
- 30 -
For more information call the Labour Council  - 233-7820  -
Ontario Coalition For Social Justice - 416-441-3714 (telephone)
ocsj@ocsj.ca/www.ocsj.ca or 
Burning Passion  -  416-651-4514 or www.web.ca/~burning
Ontario Coalition For Social Justice
416-441-3714 (telephone)
15 Gervais Drive
Toronto, ON  M3C 1Y8
kira heineck
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