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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Apr 30 7pm: Ottawa Centre NDP Annual General Meeting

Ottawa Centre NDP will have their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, April 30 at 7pm 
(Registration starts at 6:30) in the Bronson Centre Cafeteria at 211 Bronson Ave, the old 
Immaculata highschool.

On the agenda:  
  Election of Executive Committee
  Election of Provincial Convention Delegates
  Remarks on Renewal Process by Adam Giambrone, President, Federal NDP 
  Convention Resolutions
(Only NDP members may vote in the meeting)

If you're interested in joining the Executive or going to Provincial convention, please contact 
Vicky at smallman@caut.ca

Convention resolutions may be submitted in advance to smallman@caut.ca

Reimbursement for child care expenses is available.

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