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[OPIRG-EVENTS] EVENTS: Women for Peace-Les Artisanes de la Paix

"Women for Peace" ("Les Artisanes de la Paix").
Please join us @ our weekly Vigil on Parliament Hill (around the Flame)
Time: 12.15-1.45 PM.  Day: each Wednesday.
We are women of many cultures, many faiths. We come together and stand in
silence that half hour as sisters (and brothers!)  to witness our common
values of peace, love and non-violence, for the sake of all people
(especially our children who are our future!) and our earth.
We wear a green scarf which symbolizes our longing for peace, a peace
accomplished through non-violent ways.
We invite you to join us. Yes, and men are welcome too!
Green scarves are available at the Vigil.
For more information contact: KAIROS (Spirituality -for- Social Justice
Centre) 613-236-6557

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