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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Fwd: training session in Ottawa this weekend [pax@magma.ca]

On 2002.04.30 01:14 Nonviolent Peaceforce Canada Staff wrote:
Please join us for the next session in
Nonviolent Peaceforce Canada's Spring series:

*Public Speaking for Social Advocacy*

(register by phone (613) 564-0999 or email: pax@magma.ca)

Saturday, May 4th
at the Friends meeting House,
91A fourth avenue in the Glebe, Ottawa
from 2-6 p.m.

To effectively promote their cause, social advocates must possess excellent 
public speaking skills to captivate an audience and inspire people to make a 
difference.  Verbal communication is a fundamental tool in the struggle for 
social justice and progressive change.  Yet, approximately 15% of any message 
is conveyed by what is actually said; the other 85% is conveyed through vocal 
and other non-verbal means.  Simple, proven techniques can be employed to 
overcome nervousness, over-reading, and the dreaded 'um', to make any 
socially involved person into a more passionate and convincing public 
speaker, and therefore a more effective advocate for causes that concern them.

Adapted from communication workshops for young people, Public Speaking for 
Social Advocates offers some of the fundamentals and special tips for writing 
and preparing speeches, but focuses primarily on the effective and persuasive 
delivery of a message through public speaking.  Above-average oratory skills 
are crucial for social advocates who, like young people, must constantly 
prove themselves as serious, passionate, and intelligent actors in the 
political arena.

Ed Gillis, 26, is the Head Facilitator for Leaders Today, a Toronto-based 
youth leadership initiative that trains young people to be effective, 
socially involved leaders in their communities.  the skills he conveys 
include working with the media, fundraising, teambuilding, self-confidence 
and personal wellness, ad well as assertive interpersonal communication.  He 
has worked with concerned citizens from across Canada, the United States, and 

Please join us!
you can register by phone (613) 564-0999 or email: pax@magma.ca

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- from the Staff computer at Nonviolent Peaceforce Canada
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