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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Reminder: 1 May, demo in solidarity with Sudanese against Talisman oil

Demonstration by Sudanese communities against Talisman Oil
Where: Parliament Hill
Date:  Wednesday, 1 May 2002
Time:  12:00 to 14:00 hrs

If you have any time at all on Wednesday, PLEASE show solidarity with the
people of Sudan. The horrifically destructive war in Sudan has much to do
with oil, and Canada has a lot to do with producing Sudanese oil.  The
regime in Sudan has been successful in playing the "war on terror" dynamics
to its advantage, and its control over oil supplies in the country is
undoubtedly a key element in its success so far. If you can't go to this
demonstration, please at least let others know about it. Sudanese-Canadians,
many of them political refugees, have been struggling with very little
support from other Canadians to bring attention to the severe oppression and
war in Sudan.
Forwarded from Justin Samuel, ljsamuel33@hotmail.com and from Al Bagir Osman
Musa, bagir@hotmail.com:

The Sudanese Communities in Ottawa (Southern Sudanese and Nuba Mountains
Community Federation of Canada, South Sudan Community Association of
Ottawa - Carleton and National Democratic Alliance (the north-south
coalition of opposition in Sudan) will be demonstrating against  Talisman
Energy Inc. of Calgary Alberta and its investment in Sudan which puts the
innocent blood of Sudanese civilians on the hands of all Canadians.

Where: Parliament Hill
Date:  Wednesday, 1 May 2002
Time:  12:00 to 14:00 hrs

Bring your own posters and banners, please.

Please come and join us and show solidarity with the Sudanese people, united
in resistance.

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