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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Westray: The Long Way Home

From: "Martin, Pat D. - Assistant 1" <MartipD0@parl.gc.ca>
To: "'OPIRG-events@ox.org'" <OPIRG-events@ox.org>
Subject: Complimentary Tickets to WESTRAY Play

Hey folks,

The Steelworkers are working from our offices - and have graciously offered
to extend a limited number of complimentary tickets (on a first-come-first
served basis)to civil society friends and activists in the Ottawa/Outaouais
region. The 10th anniversary of the Westray Mining disaster is May 9th, and
the Steelworkers are attempting to raise awareness of the need to redress
mining and corporate responsibility laws.

If you are interested (info below) please call Lisa Blanchette (371-0816),
and she will arrange to get you a ticket or two for either Friday or
Saturday night this week. Tickets will be reserved for you at the box

Laurie Gourlay
Legislative Assistant 
Office of Pat Martin, MP
Winnipeg Centre
CEP 232

Dear Friends,

The United Steelworkers is proud to sponsor Two Planks and a Passion Theatre
Company's presentation of Westray: The Long Way Home, May 7-11, 8pm, 2002, 
at the
Arts Court Theatre (2 Daly Ave.) in Ottawa.

Please call Lisa Blanchette to reserve your complimentary ticket at

In solidarity,
Lisa Blanchette
United Steelworkers - Communications
Ph: 416.544.5992
Fax: 416.487.9852

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