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[OPIRG-EVENTS] ESL fundraiser

English Language Tutoring for the Ottawa Community (ELTOC)
ELTOC fundraising trivia night
Friday June 7, 2002
Sandy Hill Community Centre
250 Somerset St. East, near Ottawa U between Nelson & Sweetland
232-8566 for tickets or information

ELTOC invites you to a fundraising Trivia Night to support its work offering
one-on-one English language tutoring to newcomers and immigrants, in their
homes, by trained volunteers. Our students have special needs that prevent
them from attending regular daily English classes, and are often extremely
isolated: They may be elderly, disabled, have low literacy levels, or are at
home caring for children and thus have little or no opportunity to integrate
into the larger community. ELTOC's efforts help people learn the language
necessary to take the bus, visit the doctor, find a job, obtain citizenship,
use the telephone, shop for groceries, etc. You do not have to be a trivia
expert to enjoy our event! Prizes in nine categories plus one Grand Prize.
Bring your own team of 6, or join one when you come. $10.

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