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[OPIRG-EVENTS] The G8's plans for Africa - recolonisation, "development" & NEPAD

Global Democracy Ottawa (GDO) invites you to a follow up on last 
week's forum "African Perspectives, NEPAD and the G8" to continue 
investigating the G8's plans for Africa. Come, chat, bring some ideas 
and some questions. We'll challenge some assumptions and have some 

Tuesday, May 14th, 7:30 pm

St. Paul's University
Room 103
233 Main St.
Ottawa  (Wheelchair Accessible - Bus Route #5)


In May and June, Global Democracy Ottawa is holding seven
meetings to educate ourselves about the New Partnership for
Africa Development (NEPAD), and the G8, and how this affects
Africa and us.

NEPAD will be the principal proposal before the G8 when they
meet later in June in Kananaskis Alta, and, as a recovery plan
for Africa it is controversial.

In addition to Tuesday May 14, we have blocked out the following
dates for similar evenings at St Paul's University.

Wednesday May 22
Thursday May 30
Monday June 3
Tuesday June 11
Wednesday June 19

There will be two continuous strands we will pursue, with short
talks from invited speakers on African issues, and on the G8
and NEPAD. After questions we will continue in smaller discussion

Each evening will build on the previous ones, so we invite you
to attend as many as possible.

We expect some of the gatherings to include African foods.

Anyone interested can join with us in the planning by leaving a
message for Global Democracy Ottawa at 237-0730 or email info@gdo.ca

We will also be planning an event for Saturday June 22, just before
the G8 meet that will give us an opportunity to raise public awareness
about decisions that may be made at the G8 that could be harmful to

To find out more, check out the GDO website at http://www.gdo.ca

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