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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Ottawa Vegetarian Potluck - May 26


There will be a pot luck on Sunday, May 26, 2002 at a new location -
Centretown Community Health Centre, 420 Cooper Street (just west of Bank).
On-street parking as well as a lot!

Same details as usual:  set up at 6:00 (many hands make lighter work, so
please if you can come early and help us set up), dinner at 6:30 (if your
dish needs to be warmed up please come at 6:00 to do so), and "speaker" at
Please bring a vegetarian dish - vegan dishes are always popular - along
with a card listing the ingredients of your dish.  Nuts are best avoided
as there are people who are severely allergic, particularly to peanuts.  
Please also bring your own plate, cutlery, and cup, and something to serve
your dish with.

It costs money to rent space, so we would appreciate donations - minimum
of $3.00.  

The topic for the evening talk is organics - "what are they, why should
we, and where can we get them"!  There will be a number of "experts" in
Also, in consideration for those with scent sensitivities, please do not
wear perfume, cologne, or heavily scented personal care products.

If you have any questions, please contact me via e-mail!

Veggily yours,
Indigo :-)
P.S.  Do you know that we have a web site?   www.flora.org/ovs/ 



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