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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Afghanistan Roundtable Invitation - Challenges of Mainstreaming Gender in Afghanistan



Cordially invites you to a round table on:

Challenges of Mainstreaming Gender in Afghanistan
Brussels Follow-up

On: Friday May 31, 2002

From: 10 AM to 4 PM

At: WE-216 Wellington Street, Ottawa

Rights of Afghan women were at the centre of global attention towards
Afghanistan under the Taliban regime. The abrupt change of the political
scene in that country has created hope for the future of Afghan women but
the challenges of mainstreaming gender in Afghanistan remain formidable.
UNIFEM hosted a global conference of Afghan women leaders in Brussels in
December 2001.

This one-day roundtable will provide an opportunity for the participants to
hear reports from the two Canadian participants at the Brussels conference.
It will also bring together voices from leading advocacy groups for the
equal rights of Afghan women. The Canadian resource persons returned
recently from Afghanistan and will provide first hand accounts about the
current situation of women in Afghanistan.

The open workshop will enable Canadian civil society organizations,
including NGOs and activists, to brainstorm on the scope and possibilities
for them to act for mainstreaming gender in Afghanistan.

Pre-registration required. Please register early as space is limited.

Challenges of Mainstreaming Gender in Afghanistan:  Brussels Follow-up
May 31, 2002


Chair:  Hon. Flora MacDonald, Vice Chairperson, Partnership Africa Canada

9:30 AM    Registration

10.00 AM   Welcome Notes: Richard Harmston, Executive Director, SAP Canada

10.15 AM
The Brussels Experience
Speakers: Adeena Niazi, Afghan Women's Organization, Toronto
Marzia Ali, Action Refugees Montreal, Montreal

11.05 AM
Presentations from Women Groups
Revolutionary Afghan Women's Association (RAWA) Representative (By Phone
from Pakistan)
Women for Women Afghanistan

11.40 AM   Q&A/Discussion

12. 30 PM   Lunch (provided)

1.30 PM
Video Presentation: "The Real Victim of War: Afghan Widows' Reality" made by
Afghan Women Council (AWC) Introduction by Susan Wardak

1.45 PM
Open Workshop
Canadian Plan of Action to Support Brussels Process

3.50 PM
Concluding Remarks:
Faruq Faisel, Canadian Program Manager, SAP Canada

Pre-registration required. Please register early as space is limited.

To confirm your participation, or for more information please e-mail Faruq
Faisel at ffaisel@sapcanada.org .

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