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[OPIRG-EVENTS] May24: Benefit Show for "Flaps off the Side of the Moon" Festival

A Benefit show for Flaps off the Side of the Moon Festival

*Psychedelic Music Party*
May 24th, 9PM
at Mike's Place, 2nd floor of Unicentre Building in Carleton University
(west of corner of Bronson and Sunnyside)
3-5$ at the door only


DJs spinning music, Rock Bands; Transducer and possibly others.
Come have a few drinks and do the boogie. !

Flaps offthe Side of the Moon will be a gigantic Party in April constituting
of multiple Artforms expressed  as  music from Rock to Jungle, to  graffiti
art, etc. The Party is organized by a lot of  community groups active Social
and Environmental Justice, (more to come later on that).

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