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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Jun4 noon & 7pm: Light Rail Day in Ottawa!

Tuesday June 4 is Light Rail Day in Ottawa! 

Rally for Light Rail 12 noon – 2 pm, June 4
Festival Plaza, 110 Laurier W 
Ottawa City Hall

Musical Entertainment by Blues Singer Maria Hawkins, Raging Grannies, Rock band 
Lister, Jazz bands from Canterbury and Glebe Collegiates   

Healthy Communities * Clean Air * Light Rail
Communautés saines * Air pur * Train léger

 Public Meeting on the Alta Vista Corridor 7 p.m. June 4
Saint Paul University, 223 Main St.

What do you know about the Alta Vista Corridor and how it will affect our community?Do 
you want 6 more lanes of traffic and its pollution?
Or is there a better solution?
Keynote Speaker:  John Sewell
Former Mayor of Toronto, Head of Ontario Commission on Planning and Development, 
Activist in the “Stop Spadina” Campaign

This is your chance to:
  Find out what the City’s plans are for the Alta Vista Corridor
  See how those plans would affect Ottawa East, Sandy Hill, Centretown
  Hear how residents can make a difference in those plans
  Ask questions and say what you think

C’est votre occasion pour:
Decouvrirles plans de la Ville d’Ottawa pour le corridor d’Alta Vista
Comprendreles impacts des plans sur Ottawa de l’est, Côtes de sables, et Centreville
Apprendreles façons de faire une difference dans ces plans
Demander vos questions et dire vos opinions

  Councillor Clive Doucet
  Citizens for Healthy Communities
  Sierra Club, Ottawa Group
  Ottawa East Community Association
  Action Sandy Hill 
  Heron Park Community Association

Need More Information?
  Visit:   www.ottawaeast.ca
  Call:  Jon Legg, 789-6395

Make Your Views Known?

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