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[OPIRG-EVENTS] May 25:Great Glebe Garage Sale

Great Glebe Garage Sale

Empty your attic and raise money for the Ottawa Food Bank with the Great Glebe Garage 
Sale on Saturday, May 25th. Please register (on the form in the Glebe Report or by over 
the internet at http://www.theglebeonline.com/gca/garagesale) to donate 10% of your 
proceeds. Each year, the Glebe raises about $10,000 for the Food Bank which translates 
into about $80,000 worth of food.  

While traffic and parking are always an issue at the Great Glebe Garage Sale, City staff tell 
us that the situation improved last year. This year again, the police will be enforcing traffic 
laws to ensure safety (though they will not be enforcing parking time limits on residential 
streets). Advise your friends and neighbours to park legally or invite them to park in your 
driveways. Paid parking will be available at Mutchmor Public School as well as Lansdowne 
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