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[OPIRG-EVENTS] "Open Source Solutions Showcase" Week : May 27-31

Those wishing to escape Microsoft's grasp may be interested.

Tom Trottier 

Note: While this is a Government of Canada event, they have only 
advertised it on the GoC Intranet site (Publiservice.gc.ca).  

More info at  http://www.flora.ca/osss2002/

Tuesday Morning keynote address.  

While space is limited for the rest of the week, the keynote address will be happening in a 
more open area that can accommodate many more people.  If you are in Ottawa, and 
have an interest in OpenSource software - both within and outside of government - I 
recommend you attend.  

   Schedule of Events                                                         
   "Open Source Solutions Showcase" Week                                      
   May 27-31, 2002                                                            
   Located in Place du Portage, Phase III, Level 0B1 Gatineau (Hull), Quebec  
   Telephone: (819) 956-8905 or (819) 956-0013                                
   Overview of "Open Source Solutions Showcase" Sessions                      
   Public sector engagement of open source methods and software is attracting 
   interest for several reasons. Many business and IM/IT experts in both the  
   public and private sectors are stating that the use of open source methods 
   and software can:                                                          
     * Advance the implementation of federated architecture goals, process,   
       standards and methodologies among departments, agencies, and their     
     * Facilitate the customization of information technology solutions to    
       business requirements.                                                 
     * Improve capacity for information technology quality assurance and due  
     * Serve as a catalyst for practical knowledge-sharing, organizational    
       learning and innovation via public-private-education sector IT         
     * Reduce costs, increase value-for-money, and achieve faster delivery    
       times for certain government software investments.                     
     * Generate a broader distribution of benefits from public sector IT      
     * Help to level the playing field for companies of all sizes in the      
       government procurement of IT development, customization, integration,  
       support, maintenance, and administration services.                     
     * Increase the security of certain information technology applications   
       in government operations.                                              
     * Promote respect for intellectual property law, because civil servants  
       can rely on legal off-the-shelf open source software to open and work  
       with files that they receive in proprietary formats.                   
   The "Open Source Solutions Showcase" includes speakers, panel discussions  
   and software demonstrations. This event will assist the identification of  
   business decisions related to open source methods and software in          
   government operations.                                                     
    PART 1: Monday 27 May, 2002: Introduction to Open Source Methods and      
     9:00am  Joseph Potvin, Manager, Enterprise Architecture, GTIS, PWGSC.    
             "Introduction: Why open source methods and software are          
             attracting interest in the public sector."                       
    10:00am  Bill St. Arnaud, Senior Director, Advanced Networks, CANARIE     
             "How open source is leading to major economic benefits, and is   
             a major driver of innovation."                                   
    11:00am  Bruce Catley, Director, Architecture & Standards Directorate,    
             GTIS, PWGSC.                                                     
             "Open standards, open source, and the Federated Architecture."   
     1:00pm  Burns MacDonald, Executive Consultant, CGI Group Inc.            
             "A brief history and status report on the open source            
     2:00pm  Eric Smith, Lawyer, Fraser, Milner, Casgrain LLP.                
             "A review and comparison of the major open source licenses."     

     2:45pm  Christian S. Tacit, Lawyer, Nelligan O'Brien Payne.              
             "Open source IT selection issues for the public sector."         

    PART 2: Tuesday 28 May, 2002: Keynote and Panel Discussions               
     8:30am  Introduction                                                     
             Location: Mezzanine in the lobby of Place du Portage Phase III,  
             downstairs from the security desk at Tower A.                    
             Joseph Potvin, Manager, Enterprise Architecture, Architecture &  
             Standards Directorate, GTIS, PWGSC.                              
             "Towards an economic impact analysis of the use of open source   
             methods and software by the Government of Canada". Proposed      
             scope for a collaborative study.                                 
     9:00am  Keynote Address                                                  
             Location: Mezzanine in the lobby of Place du Portage Phase III,  
             downstairs from the security desk at Tower A.                    
             Patrice-Emmanuel Schmitz, Project Director, Unisys-Belgium.      
             Principal author of the European Commission study into the use   
             of open source software in the public sector.                    
             "Open Source in the European Public Sector".                     
    10:45am  Private Sector Panel and Discussion                              
             Location: Innovatec Seminar Room, at the base of Tower B, Place  
             du Portage Phase III.                                            
             "Why Open Source is Good for Business: What open source          
             business models are attracting the participation of large,       
             medium and small companies?" (20 min each)                       
             Danese Cooper, Business Development Manager, Open Source         
             Program Office, SUN Microsystems                                 
             Michael Bego, President, Xandros Corporation                     
             Russell McOrmond, Proprietor, FLORA Community Consulting         
     1:00pm  Public Sector Panel and Discussion                               
             Location: Innovatec Seminar Room, at the base of Tower B, Place  
             du Portage Phase III.                                            
             "Case studies on the costs and benefits of taking public sector  
             projects and infrastructure open source." (20 min each)          
             Glen Newton, Chair, Open Source Committee, National Research     
             Council (Principal Architect of Duluth, shared under the         
             GNU-GPL in 2000).                                                
             Joseph Potvin, Manager, Enterprise Architecture, Architecture &  
             Standards Directorate, GTIS (Principal Architect of OPA (Online  
             Proposal Appraisal), shared under the GNU-GPL in 1999 while      
             working at IDRC/Bellanet International Secretariat).             
             Will Maton, Manager, Corporate Network Systems, Communications   
             Research Centre, Industry Canada.                                
             Alain Clavet, Senior Policy Analyst, Office of the Commissioner  
             of Official Languages. (Author of: French on the Internet: Key   
             to the Canadian Identity and the Knowledge Economy. March        
    PART 3: Wednesday 29 May, 2002. An Open Source Solutions "Show & Tell"    
    by staff of the Architecture & Standards Directorate, GTIS.               
    Tools for Public Sector Professionals                                     
     9:00am  Overview of the Morning                                          
     9:15am  A Choice of Package Distributions                                
     9:30am  General GUI Environments                                         
    10:00am  Office Suites (Word Processors, Presentation Software,           
             Spreadsheets, etc.)                                              
    10:30am  Break                                                            
    10:45am  Package (Application) Management                                 
    11:00am  Windows/Linux Co-Existence/Migration                             
    11:30am  How to Get User Support for Open Source Applications             
    Tools for IT System Administrators                                        

     1:00pm  "A Hands-On Server Installation Tutorial"                        
             Setting up Internet Services (Apache; DNS; Binds; FTP; SMTP;     
             POP; SSH)                                                        
             Setting up Intranet Services (NFS; NIS; Samba; Printing; DHCP;   
     2:30pm  Eric Frisch, Manager, Lab Infrastructure, e-Government           
             Services, PWGSC.                                                 
             "Mission critical open source tools for system network           
             security, administration, and performance analysis". Overview    
             and demo of bb4 (centralized network monitoring), ntop (traffic  
             profiling), snort (intrusion detection), and ACID (security      
             data analysis). Eric contributed the LDAP module to bb4.         
    PART 4: Special Topics Seminars                                           
    Thursday 30 May, 2002                                                     
     9:00am  Jim Elliott, Linux Advocate, IBM Canada Ltd.                     
             "Linux and Open Source as Game Changers". IBM believes Open      
             Source to be a game changer on the same level that the Internet  
             was. We will cover why IBM believes this to be true, how         
             customers are using Linux, the leading Open Source operating     
             system today, along with a summary of IBM's commitment to Linux  
             and some of the myths about Linux and Open Source.               

    10:30am  Erich Forler, Sr. Director, Product Development, Xandros         
             "Introducing the Xandros Desktop". This complete, easy-to-use    
             Linux-based desktop applications environment has been refined    
             and enhanced to be suitable for all computer users, and to       
             peacefully co-exist and inter-operate with Windows desktop and   
             server systems.                                                  

     1:00pm  Eid Eid, President & CEO, OEone Corporation.                     
             "Leveraging the open source to deliver the next generation of    
             Internet devices". How and why a fully featured Internet         
             hardware and software platform was developed using the           
             open-source model to enable original equipment manufacturers to  
             overcome incompatibilities, to create XML-based products that    
             operate efficiently, effectively, and reliably.                  

     2:30pm  David Skoll, President, Roaring Penguin Software Inc.            
             "Examples of open source applications in the government and      
             private sector." This presentation will summarize the            
             advantages of using open-source in a variety of business         

    Friday 31 May, 2002                                                       
     9:00am  Francis Beaudet, Chief Architect, and Matthew Hately, VP         
             Marketing, Macadamian Corporation.                               
             "Criteria for Evaluating Open Source versus Proprietary          
             Software". In this session, we will talk about our criteria for  
             evaluating open source versus proprietary software for           
             development projects. We will also walk through a real-world     
             example of a portal development project where we used open       
             source technologies (Apache, Jakarta, SLide, PostGreSQL)         

    10:30am  Chris Dodsworth, Knowledge Exchange Service, PWGSC.              
             "Building on 15 years of facilitating government software        
             reuse". An overview of this free IM/IT knowledgeware brokerage   
             service's recent and planned enhancements and its proposed       
             proactive role as a host for and gateway to government-produced  
             open source software.                                            

     1:00pm  Ted Jawniak, Technology Specialist, SUN Microsystems.            
             "SUN's Open Source Commitment". An introduction to SUN's open    
             source products and support services, with special attention to  
             the StarOffice/OpenOffice desktop suite.                         

     2:30pm  Will Maton, Manager, Corporate Network Systems, Communications   
             Research Centre, Industry Canada.                                
             "Open Enterpise Architecture". A business and technical          
             overview of CRC's system architecture, which is based almost     
             entirely on open source solutions.                               

   Select the presentations you would like to see and reserve a spot by       
   calling 956-0013 or e-mail ross.morris@pwgsc.gc.ca                 
       Last Updated: 2002-05-21                                               

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