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Subject: Help Clean the Air in Commuter Challenge 2002! (June 2nd-8th)
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It's time again to sign up for the Commuter Challenge!   
(At http://ncr.commuterchallenge.net)

It's your annual opportunity to combine with tens of thousands of
Canadians to help clean the air, stay healthy, and have fun while
you're at it.  It runs simultaneously with Environment Week, June 2nd
to 8th, 2002.

Also this year, we are taking on an even bigger competitor as the
National Capital Region strives to continue leading Canadian cities in
their efforts to clean the air, and reduce the significant health and
climate change risks related to automobile use.  We are challenging
Vancouver, the city where a little snow can shut the whole town down. 
(So we need an even stronger participation level this year!)

We are specifically looking for team captains to help us organize in
workplaces, to help mobilize your co-workers to use sustainable
transportation, and to encourage everyone who does so to register on
the web site, whether this is the first time or it's a regular habit.

It's fun, it's easy, and not only will it help maintain our civic
pride (even if we don't have an ocean or mountains nearby), you'll be
helping to nurture and support healthy transportation habits - which
are a critical step towards leaving future generations with a healthy
existence.  On top of all that, there's a special party being
organized for all the team captains on Friday, June 7th.

To register your workplace, just go to ncr.commuterchallenge.net and
follow the instructions.  You can download an information kit via
www.cc-perc.org (click  on 'Download Guides') with lots of suggestions
and ideas on how to increase participation, plus we'll send you an
info-kit with lots of local transportation info.

As an individual, you can register at ncr.commuterchallenge.net by
scrolling down to the bottom of page.

You can also participate in Bike To Work Day June 4th, and Clean Air
Day June 5th (details at www.cc-perc.org).

For more information, Email us at commuterchallenge@perc.ca or call

The 2002 Commuter Challenge is being coordinated by the Peace and
Environment Resource Centre (www.perc.ca) which is located in the
Glebe, and offers a wide range of information on environmental, social
justice and peace issues.

Thanks for your help in keeping our air clean!

Andrew Van Iterson
Commuter Challenge Co-coordinator

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