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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Chiapas and Guatemalan Speakers - Sat June 8th 7PM

GUASCO, Global Democracy Ottawa and Rights Action present

Challenging the G8 & Global Elitism
Working to End Global Impoverishment, 
Racism & Repression

Saturday June 8 
7 PM

Saint Paul University
Amphitheatre (rear entrance)
223 Main Street,
Ottawa (Wheelchair Accessible)

Free Event ~ Donations Accepted
Proceeds to Support The Rights Action Tour

Speakers from Central America

Carlos Chen Osorio  Carlos is a campesino of the Achi people, and is a co-founder of ADIVIMA, the Association of Association for the Integral Development of the Victims of the Violence.  A survivor of the 1982 Rio Negro massacres, when 444 Rio Negro villagers were killed including his pregnant wife and two children, Carlos will speak of the efforts of his people to have justice done for the genocide and massacres of the past, including the wholesale destruction of his home village Rio Negro to make way for the Chixoy Dam, funded and made possible by the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Ramon Penate Diaz  Ramon is a campesino of the Chol people and is a human rights defender with the “Chiapas Community Defenders Network (funded by Rights Action).  He lives in the community of Emiliano Zapata in the municipality of Tila, in the north zone of Chiapas.  He will speak of the work of the Network in favour of indigenous rights and culture, and of community controlled development, in the context of the on-going conflict in Chiapas between an indigenous focused social justice movement and the dominant economic and military forces of the state and private sector.

GUASCO - Guatemala Solidarity Committee of Ottawa
guasco@canada.com     David       (613) 233-7903

Global Democracy Ottawa  (GDO)    info@gdo.ca     
http://www.gdo.ca           Paul         (613) 761-1724

Rights Action                 info@rightsaction.org    
http://www.rightsaction.org    Grahame  (416) 654-2074


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