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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Reminder: The G8 & Africa - Discussion series tonight, Monday

Please circulate!

Before Kananaskis
Beyond Kananaskis

Global Democracy Ottawa (GDO) invites you to participate in our 
ongoing open discussion on the G8's agenda for Africa.

Jean Chrétien and the G8 -- the 8 wealthiest countries in the world 
-- have a new plan for Africa. They want to increase aid and foreign 
investment in African countries. But are they interested in ending 
the exploitation of Africa's people and her resources? Are they 
thinking of ending the debt enslavement in which African countries 
find themselves? Is the G8 a legitimiate forum for this discussion, 
or is it even capable of making these decisions, given that much of 
the wealth the G8 countries enjoy was -- and continues to be -- 
pillaged from the continent? Is the New Partnership for Africa's 
Development (NEPAD) a real answer to Africa's needs, or will it just 
perpetuate the conditions that lead to the current situation?

The G8 -- and NEPAD -- insist that free trade, total privatisation, 
and foreign investment are the recipe for recovery when until now 
they have only produced misery and conflict. What are the 

We agree with Jean Chrétien that things must change in Africa, and 
that Canada can help. But we're sceptical that Chrétien and the G8 
really have Africa's interests at heart, or that they have any 
legitimacy in ending crises that they had a strong part in creating. 
We need your help in deciding what changes are needed, and what 
Canada's role should be.

All are welcome. There is no cost to participate.

Thursday, May 30
Monday June 3
Tuesday June 11
Wednesday June 19

7:30 pm

St. Paul's University
Room 103
233 Main St.
Ottawa  (Wheelchair Accessible - Bus Route #5)

Other planned events:

June 14-16 teach-in (see http://www.takethecapital.net/ for details)
June 17    Turning the Tables on the G8 -- Public Forum
	with guest speakers from Africa, Asia and Latin America,
	Ottawa Public Library Main Branch (Laurier and Metcalfe)
	7:00-9:00 pm.
	Brought to you by Kairos: Canadian Ecumenical Jubilee Initiatives,
	the Halifax Initiative, and Global Democracy Ottawa

Anyone interested can join with us in the planning by leaving a 
message for Global Democracy Ottawa at 237-0730 or email info@gdo.ca

We will also be planning a rally and Freedom Fair on Saturday June 
22, just before the G8 meet that will give us an opportunity to raise 
public awareness about the G8's agenda for Africa, celebrate African 
resistance and resilience, and make the linkages between the current 
situations in Canada and the African continent.

To find out more, check out the GDO website at http://www.gdo.ca

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