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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Organizing Meeting for Freedom Fair -Tues Jun 4- 7.30pm

Global Democracy Ottawa meeting to Organize the Freedom Fair - June 22nd:

Tuesday June 4th, 2002
7.30 PM

Saint Paul University
Room 103
223 Main Street,
Ottawa (Wheelchair Accessible)

Our Meetings are always open to all.
No media reporting

Global Democracy Ottawa (GDO) is planning a rally and Freedom Fair on
Saturday June 22, just before the G8 summit (the leaders of the 7
wealthiest countries in the world plus Russia) in Kananaskis. The
event will give us an opportunity to raise public awareness about the
G8's agenda for Africa, celebrate African resistance and resilience,
and make the links between the current situations in Canada and the
African continent. Privatisation, corporate control, and putting the
squeeze on working people, the poor, and the environment are central
to the G8's plans for Africa - and Canada.

Planning is still in its initial stages, so any element is subject to
change, but the planned activity includes a march from Major's Hill
Park through the Market and ending up at Confederation Park. At
Confederation Park there will be speeches, music, workshops, theatre,
crafts, food and drink. The whole event would run from noon to late

We want to bring people together from all walks of life in a
colourful celebration of the kind of society that the G8 does not
want us to have, in order to make a public statement against the
undemocratic, cynical, and exploitive agenda of the G8, and to show
that "another world is possible." The focus is on Africa in response
to the G8 and Jean Chrétien's agenda for Africa and the so-called
"New Partnership for Africa's Development" (NEPAD). We want to make
the links between this plan and the policies we are fighting here in
Canada, as well as highlighting the rôle that Canada - and Canadians
- could play in genuinely helping Africa.

In order to pull this off, though, we need a lot of help. We need
money for portapotties, tents, childcare, and equipment, and we need
people to help organise and publicise the event. We are still working
on assembling an organising team, securing the necessary permits, and
identifying and bringing in the resource people, money, and
equipment. This will be a broadly-based initiative, and we'd like
your support: endorsements, funds, resource people (speakers and
workshop leaders), and help organising.

I can be contacted at 236-9188 (home) or 761-2273 (cell), or by
e-mail at jkneen@magma.ca.
You can also leave a message via Global Democracy Ottawa at 237-0730,
or email info@gdo.ca.
To find out more about GDO, check out the GDO website at http://www.gdo.ca

The other people you may be hearing from on the organising team (at
this time) are:
Jared O'Neill	tel. 523-1831			e-mail times211@hotmail.com
Nancy Lauder	tel. 591-1027			e-mail n.lauder@sympatico.ca
Paul Smith	tel. 761-1724	cell 266-9779	e-mail psmith@web.net
Bob Thomson	tel. 728-3450	cell 292-7814	e-mail bthomson@web.ca
Soha Kneen	tel. 236-9188			e-mail sahaddad@ccs.carleton.ca
Sybil Grace	tel. 235-2725			e-mail sybilgrace@ncf.ca


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