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[OPIRG-EVENTS] J26: A Call for Autonomous Actions and Snake Marches Against the G8

                        Take the Capital! 
A Call for Autonomous Actions and Snake Marches Against the G8 
                         June 26, 2002 
                        Ottawa, Canaduh 

On June 26, the executive board of global capitalism  retreats to the 
foothills of Alberta for their first day of photo ops and pre-determined 
meetings. On the same day, activists from across Ontario, Quebec, the 
Maritimes and the Northeastern United States will converge in Ottawa for the 
first of two days of protests known as the Take the Capital! Actions Against 
the G8. 

Called in clear opposition to the G8, in solidarity with protests in Alberta 
and with resistance to capitalism and imperialism world-wide, the two days of 
protest in Ottawa  will target the many manifestations of political and 
economic power of Canada's national capital -- the year-round administrative 
home of the G8 in this country. Both days of protest are being organized on 
the basis of a respect for a diversity of tactics, meaning that a multiplicity 
of forms of resistance will be welcomed in a context of mutual solidarity and 
respect for all participants. 

The first day of protest on June 26 will be focused on direct actions and 
civil disobedience.  We are calling on affinity groups to plan and carry out a 
wide and imaginative range of autonomous actions targeting the many symbols of 
capitalism and imperialism in Ottawa. A Radical Tourist's Guide to the city 
has already been sent out for your planning convenience! 

We are also calling on individuals, affinity groups, and groups of friends, 
co-workers and comrades to join in one of the two snake-marches that will wind 
their way through the streets of Ottawa with the goal of paralyzing the city 
and disrupting the political operation of the G8's Canadian headquarters, in 
the offices and institutions where the G8's consensus is turned into policy 
and implemented locally and nationally all year-round. 

=>=>=> The first Snake March will begin from Dundonald Park (Lyon and 
Maclaren) at 12 PM SHARP. 

=>=>=> The second Snake March will begin from Confederation Square (The War 
Memorial at Wellington and Elgin) at 1 PM SHARP. 

(The starting point of each march is subject to last-minute change. Check for 
up-to-date information about the starting point on-line at 
http://www.takethecapital.net and  at the Welcome Center upon your arrival in 
Ottawa on June 25 or 26. If you are able to arrive in Ottawa early, you are 
encouraged to participate in the Spokescouncils on the evenings of June 24 and 
25, where up-to-date information about a range of actions and events, 
including the Snake Marches, will be announced.) 

Both marches will be action-oriented, and will re-decorate the bureaucratic 
core of the city with colorful and creative symbols of resistance as they 
slide through Ottawa. A call to all march participants to bring your tools of 
urban artistry! 

On June 26... 
Take the Capital! 
Leave your mark on Ottawa! 

Take the Capital!: http://www.takethecapital.net 
A Radical Tourist's Guide to Ottawa: http://www.takethecapital.net/ 
An Anarchist Attack on Global Governance: 

Ottawa Actions Against the G8 
June 26-27, 2002 
613-788-3310 (messages only) 
on parle francais. 
se habla espanol. 

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