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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= TAKE THE CAPITAL! CALENDAR of EVENTS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 
                           June 14-28, 2002 
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- OTTAWA -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 

===>>>===>>> June 14, 15 & 16, 2002 <<<===<<<=== 

*** THE G8 -- BREAKING IT DOWN! *** 
A community teach-in about local & global struggles & resistance 

Free. * Traduction disponible vers le francais. * Childcare available on 
request. * Lunch to be served by donation. * Wheelchair accessible. 

---> OPENING PANEL: The G8 - Making The Links 
     June 14, 2002, 7pm 
     Ottawa Public Library 
     120 Metcalfe 
     (corner of Laurier) 

With panelists: 

* Patrick Bond (activist and writer from Johannesburg, South Africa) 
* Aziz Fall (member of the Group for Research and Initiatives for the 
Liberation of Africa) 
* Pierre George (indigenous rights activist from the Stoney Point nation) 
* Nandita Sharma (Open the Borders!) 
* Sharon Venne (Cree activist and writer) 

     June 15 & 16, 2002, 10am-5pm 
     122 L'Amoureux 
     University of Ottawa 

For more information, the full schedule of panel and workshops, speaker 
bios, and panel and workshop topics, please see: 
http://www.takethecapital.net/teachin.html . 

===>>>===>>> JUNE 24, 2002 <<<===<<<=== 


The Bikesheviks will begin their 2.5 day, 200km trek from Montreal to 

---> 9 AM 
---> Complex Guy Favreau on René Lesvèsque Blvd, Montreal 

For more information or to participate: research@tao.ca (ask to be put 
on the mailing list) or call 514-848-7421 

*** Evening SPOKESCOUNCIL *** 
--> Somewhere in Ottawa (Location TBA) 
--> 6 PM 
(Up-to-date information will be available at the the Welcome Center.) 

===>>>===>>> JUNE 25, 2002 <<<===<<<=== 

Highways Everywhere En Route to Ottawa... 

Across Ontario communities are organizing Highway Caravans that will slow 
the speed of traffic on the Hwy. 401 to its posted minimum. Caravans of 
vehicles from just a couple to a whole fleet will drive together onto the 
Hwy 401, move into both or all lanes, and gradually slow down. Help bring 
the economy back under our own control. Grab on tight and slow down 

Join us on the highways and in Ottawa in June as we take the capital ! 

The G8 Highway Blockades are an Ontario Common Front action. 

Get in touch to organize or co-ordinate a caravan from your area: 
In Kingston or for co-ordination info: (613) 531-3428 or pcu@kingston.net 
In Peterborough: asauer@trentu.ca 
In Guelph: mandy@tao.ca 
In Kitchener-Waterloo: k-wtakethecapital@yahoo.ca 

*** Evening SPOKESCOUNCIL *** 
--> Somewhere in Ottawa (Location TBA) 
--> 6 PM 
(Up-to-date information will be available at the Welcome Center.) 

===>>>===>>> JUNE 26, 2002 <<<===<<<=== 

Take the Capital! 
Disrupt the political operation of the G8 in its Canadian HQ! 
Leave your mark on Ottawa! 

---> A Snake March will leave from Dundonald Park (Somerset and Lyon, 
across from the Beer Store) at 12 PM SHARP. 

---> A second Snake March will leave from Confederation Square (The War 
Memorial at Wellington and Elgin) at 1 PM SHARP. 

(The starting point of each march is subject to last-minute change. Check for 
up-to-date information about the starting point on-line at 
www.takethecapital.net and  at the Welcome Center upon your arrival in 
Ottawa on June 25 or 26.) 

Both marches will be action-oriented, and will re-decorate the bureaucratic 
core of the city with colorful and creative symbols of resistance as they 
slide through Ottawa. 

For more information: takethecapital@tao.ca 

*** CHILL ZONE *** 

---> Starting at 1PM and continuing throughout the days of protest. 
---> Dundonald Park (Somerset and Lyon, across from the Beer Store) 

At mid-day on June 26, Dundonald Park will be reclaimed to offer a 
public, chill and festive space in which radical anti-capitalist and 
anti-imperialist opposition to the G8 can be expressed and articulated in 
eight thousand creative and artistic ways over the course of the two days 
of protest. 

The Chill Zone will also be established as the permanent food-serving site 
of a number of notorious food collectives on June 26 & 27. 

All protesters are asked to respect the chill and festive nature of the 

---> If you want to perform, distribute materials & propaganda, play 
music, organize workshops or contribute to the zone in any other colorful 
way, please get in touch with us by emailing at takethecapital@tao.ca or 
by phone at 613-788-3310. <--- 

"Take the Capital" Critical Mass 

The Bikesheviks Velorutionaires will arrive in Ottawa. 

---> Join them for a Critical Mass starting on the bike path north of 
Cummings Bridge on the east side of the Rideau river (where Rideau Street 
become Montreal Road). 
---> 1 PM 

For more info or to participate contact: research@tao.ca (ask to be put on 
the mailing list) or call 514-848-7421. 

Knitting Together a World of Peace and Social Justice 
In Solidarity with the Revolutionary Knitting Circle 

---> 11:30 AM - 1 PM 
---> June 26, 2002 
---> In front of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives - 90 Sparks St. 

We invite the women in our community to knit or crochet 1 foot squares for 
our anti-G8 action, which we will link together to form a gigantic "social 
safety net" to symbolize a caring, compassionate and peaceful society. 

Called by the Ottawa Committee of the World March of Women. 
To get involved, contact: womensmarch@magma.ca / (613) 233-0228 

Exploitation, War, Aggression, Imperialism, Fight the G-8 Gangsters ! 

---> 4 PM 
---> June 26, 2002 
---> Starting from Rideau St. East, corner Cobourg (McDonald Park) - Ottawa 

Initiée par la Coordination anti-impérialiste / during the "Take the 
Capital" Global Days of Actions 
For more information contact aicg_cai@web.net. 

--> Somewhere in Ottawa (Location TBA) 
--> 6PM 
(Up-to-date information will be available at the Welcome Center) 

===>>>===>>> JUNE 27, 2002 <<<===<<<=== 

A March of 1000 Flags of Resistance 

* In Solidarity with Self-Determination Struggles 
* Pro-Immigrant & Indigenous Rights 
* Against War, Imperialism and Racism 

---> 1PM 
---> Majors Hill Park 
     (Across from the American Embassy) 

Bring your flags of resistance and other symbols of opposition. 

As the G8 retreats to the hills of Kananaskis to intensify the so-called 
"War on Terror", we will converge in Ottawa against borders, the 
criminalization of immigrants and refugees, racism, genocide and war. 

In solidarity with refugee and immigrant communities, indigenous struggles 
for self-determination, and all the victims of economic and military 
imperialism, we assert that NO ONE IS ILLEGAL! 

For more information: takethecapital@tao.ca or 

*** A PINK BLOC on JUNE 27 *** 

Triangle Trash is organizing a "Pink Bloc" for the TAKE THE CAPITAL 
days of action against the G8 this June in Ottawa. The "Pink Bloc" will 
converge on June 27th at 1:00 pm in Majors Hill Park for the NO ONE IS 
ILLEGAL ! a March of 1000 Flags of Resistance. The March is planned to 
be physically non confrontational. 

We decided to march as part of NO ONE IS ILLEGAL to facilitate the 
participation of as many Queers as possible. We recognize that people are 
coming from different backgrounds and groups and we want people to be able 
to march with the "Pink Bloc" and still be able to do their own thing. 
People wanting to do more Direct Action style stuff will still have the 
opportunity to do so on the 26th while being able to march 
on the 27th with Queers who feel the need to be in lower risk actions. 

For more info on the "Pink Bloc" or Triangle Trash contact us: 
triangletrash@yahoo.ca or call (819) 771-0925 

"Thousand Flags of Resistance" Critical Mass 

---> 1PM 
---> Starting on the bike path north of Cummings Bridge on the east side 
of the Rideau river (where Rideau Street become Montreal Road) 

For more info or to participate contact: research@tao.ca (ask to be put on 
the mailing list) or call 514-848-7421. 

--> Somewhere in Ottawa (Location TBA) 
--> 6 PM 
(Up-to-date information will be available at the Welcome Center.) 

If you wish to add an autonomously organized action or event to the Take 
the Capital! calendar, please send the announcement to 
takethecapital@tao.ca. The calendar will be updated and sent out weekly. 

Ottawa Actions Against the G8 
June 26-27, 2002 
613-788-3310 (messages only) 
on parle francais. 
se habla espanol. 
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