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[OPIRG-EVENTS] WAO Silent Vigil, June 6

Women Against Occupation would like to invite you to a
Silent Vigil....

Date: Thursday, June 6, 2002 
Time: 12:00  1:00 p.m. 
Location: The American Embassy, McKenzie Avenue,

DEMAND the Canadian Government do its part to: 
-Put an immediate End to 35 years of illegal Israeli
military occupation of Arab land, including the West
Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. 
-End the Israeli apartheid policies in Palestine. 
-Dismantle all illegal Jewish Settlements in the
Occupied Territories. 
-End the suffering of the Palestinian people. 

CALL for: 
-The right of Palestinian self-determination. 
-An independent and democratic Palestinian state. 

For more information contact wao@igs.net 
or go to http://nonprofitnet.ca/wao/

~.*.~Three classes of people will not receive the 
benediction of heaven: the oppressors, those who aid and abet oppression, and those who tolerate oppression~.*.~

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