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[OPIRG-EVENTS] (updated endorsers' list) NO ONE IS ILLEGAL! June 27, 2002, OTTAWA

[please post and forward widely; updated endorsers listed below] 

A call for your support and participation ... 

A March of 1000 Flags of Resistance 

In opposition to war, racism, imperialism and genocide 
In solidarity with self-determination struggles and indigenous sovereignty 
In defense of immigrant and native rights 

Majors Hill Park 
Across from the American Embassy 
June 27, 2002,  1pm 

The leaders of the G8 - the executive board of global capitalism - will be 
retreating to the hills of Kananaskis on June 26 & 27. Surrounded by golf 
courses, pristine wilderness and thousands of soldiers, part of their 
declared agenda includes the so-called "War on Terrorism." 

Their self-serving war has meant state terrorism against civilian 
populations throughout the global South, including Afghanistan, Palestine, 
Iraq, Somalia, Colombia, the Philippines and elsewhere. The same war on 
terrorism has also meant the increasing criminalization of immigrants and 
refugees in North America, with recent security and immigration laws used 
as a pretext to marginalize and further scapegoat vulnerable communities. 

The new "war on terror" is really something very old - the continuance of 
systematic policies of exploitation and dispossession. These are policies 
well understood by North America's indigenous populations, the victims of 
a concerted policy of genocide for hundreds of years. 

On June 27, the G8 leaders continue their plans for war - at home and 
abroad. In response, we will come together in clear solidarity with 
resistance movements worldwide and in our communities. We unite in 
opposition to the agenda of exclusion, marginalization and exploitation 
embodied by the policies of G8 nations. We also stand together in 
solidarity with the courageous struggles for self-determination, dignity 
and justice, from the camps of the West Bank to the indigenous communities 
of Turtle Island; from the streets of Buenos Aires to the the jungles of 

Join us in Ottawa on Thursday, June 27 as we march and display together 
our flags and symbols of resistance. From the American Embassy to 
Parliament Hill, we will declare: "No one is illegal!" 

[info: takethecapital@tao.ca or 613-788-3310] 

Endorsing groups (to date): 
Action for Social and Ecological Justice/ACERCA Collective (Vermont) 
Anti-Capitalist Community Action, ACA (Ottawa) 
Anti-Imperialist Coordinating Group (Montreal and Toronto) 
Anti-Racist Action (Charlottetown) 
Anti-Racist Action (Fredericton) 
Anti-Racist Action (Kitchener-Waterloo) 
Anti-Racist Action (Moncton) 
Anti-Racist Action (Ottawa) 
Anti-Racist Action (St. John) 
Anti-Racist Action (Toronto) 
Canada-Colombia Solidarity Campaign (Toronto) 
Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Metro Toronto District 
CUPE Local 3903 (Toronto) 
CUPE Local 5500 (Ottawa) 
Centre for Philippine Concerns (Montreal) 
Collective Opposed to Police Brutality (Montreal) 
Concordia Women's Center (Montreal) 
Direct Action Palestine (New York City) 
Filipino Workers' Support Group (Montreal) 
GrassRoots Association for Student Power (GRASP) McGill (Montreal) 
Guelph Action Network 
Heads Up Collective (Toronto) 
Immigrant Workers Center (Montreal) 
Industrial Workers of the World, IWW (Ottawa-Outaouais) 
Jewish Alliance Against the Occupation (Montreal) 
Kabataang Montreal 
Kitchener-Waterloo Youth Collective 
La Convergence des luttes anti-capitalistes, CLAC (Montreal) 
New Democratic Party, Socialist Caucus (Ottawa) 
New Socialist Group (Sudbury) 
New Socialist Group (Toronto) 
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, OCAP (Kitchener-Waterloo) 
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, OCAP (Toronto) 
Ontario Common Front, OCF 
OCF Belleville 
OCF Kingston 
OCF Sudbury 
Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG), University of Ottawa 
Ottawa Coalition Against the Tories, OCAT 
People's Community Union (Kingston) 
Peterborough Coalition Against Poverty, PCAP 
Philippine Network for Justice and Peace (Toronto) 
PINAY - Filipina Women's Association of Quebec (Montreal) 
Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG) McGill, Montreal 
Rebel Desis (Montreal) 
Reseau de Solidarité Québec-Colombie (Montreal) 
Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, SPHR (Montreal) 
Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, SPHR (Ottawa) 
South Asian Womens' Community Center, SAWCC (Montreal) 
Students Taking Action in Chiapas, STAC (Halifax) 
Tenant Action Group (Belleville) 
The Peak (Guelph) 
The Spot (Kitchener) 
Triangle Trash Queer Collective (Ottawa) 
Voices of Conscience (Montreal) 
Waterloo Public Interest Research Group, WPIRG 
and more ... 

To endorse this callout, or to help mobilize, please contact the organizers 
of "Take the Capital!". 

Ottawa Actions Against the G8 
June 26-27, 2002 
613-788-3310 (messages only) 
on parle francais. 
se habla espanol. 

It takes two to high five.
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