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[OPIRG-EVENTS] *** BIKESHEVIK CALENDAR *** "Take the Capital" Critical Mass

Bikesheviks are coming to Ottawa, join them on june 26 and 27 for rides in 
Ottawa!  See calendar below for details.  Pass it on! 



THURSDAY JUNE 13 6PM - meeting at Right To Move (RTM) bike workshop (off 
parking lot on Mackay between de Maisonneuve and Sherbrooke near metro 
Guy-Concordia, Montreal) 

THURSDAY JUNE 20 6PM - meeting at RTM 

SUNDAY JUNE 23 5:30PM - BIKES BEAT GUNS anti-G8 Critical Mass (traffic 
slow-down on bikes) meeting point at Phillips Square (across from The 
Bay on St Catherine Street West, Montreal) 

MONDAY JUNE 24 9AM - Departure for Ottawa from Complex Guy Favreau on René 
Lesvèsque Blvd, Montreal 

WEDNESDAY JUNE 26 1PM - Arrival and "Take the Capital" Critical Mass in 
Ottawa starting on the bike path north of Cummings Bridge on the east side 
of the Rideau river (where Rideau Street become Montreal Road) 

THURSDAY JUNE 27 1PM - "Thousand Flags of Resistance" Critical Mass (same 
starting point as previous day) 

to participate send an e-mail to research@tao.ca and ask to be put on the 
mailing list or call 514-848-7421 

temporary web site link: 

Ottawa Actions Against the G8 
June 26-27, 2002 
613-788-3310 (messages only) 
on parle francais. 
se habla espanol

It takes two to high five.
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