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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Indymedia meeting

	next Tuesday June 11
	6 pm
	30 James St
Mailing list:
	Julien Lamarche, jlam@comnet.ca
		(613) 746-8423
		(819) 647-2962
Wheelchair accessible: 

Tired of corporate coverage?

Why not be the media?

The Independant Media Center (IMC) offers an alternative to corporate
media. It effectively bypasses it by allowing individuals posting their
own article. There are about 50 IMCs all arround the world, giving a
voice to those who do not have one and creating an alternative source of
information and communication network. Anyone can also comment the
articles that have been posted.

The participants of IMC Ottawa have been covering events for a year now
and posting on IMC Ontario ( http://ontario.indymedia.org ). We
ultimatley want to have a seperate web site for Ottawa.

Help is needed for:
- Distributing print stuff
- Journalists / Activists-journalists
- Technical help
- Facilitating & coordinating
- Networking with other community groups
- Communicating with other IMCs
- Photography
- Audio & video recording

You can also join the list by going to http://lists.indymedia.org/mailman/listinfo/imc-ottawa

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