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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Anti-G8 Community Teach-in (June 14-16, OTTAWA, updated workshop and panel information!)

[3rd announcement with updated info, 
     including workshop schedule; 
   please post and forward widely] 

 A community teach-in about local & global 
 struggles & resistance 

 June 14, 15 & 16, 2002 

Free. * Traduction disponible en francais. * Childcare available on 
request. * Lunch to be served by donation. * Wheelchair accessible. 

The G8 leaders -- the executive board of global capitalism -- will be 
retreating to the foothills of Kananaskis, Alberta in late June. Their 
official agenda includes: economic growth, Africa and the war on 
terrorism. This community teach-in will breakdown their official agenda, 
with panels, workshops and discussions looking critically at the G8's 
policies and their effects. 

The teach-in will include speakers from Africa and the Cree, Mohawk and 
Algonquin nations, as well as activists and organizers from Vancouver, 
Victoria, Edmonton, Toronto, Kitchener, Kingston, Montreal and Ottawa. 
Speaker bios, and workshop topics are included below. Join us as we break 
down the G8 in preparation to Take the Capital! 

---> Organized by Take the Capital! 
Info: 613-788-3310 or takethecapital@tao.ca 

  ---> FRIDAY, June 14, 2002, 7pm <--- 
  Ottawa Public Library 
  120 Metcalfe 
  (corner of Laurier) 

OPENING PANEL: The G8 - Making the Links 
* Patrick Bond (activist and writer from Johannesburg, South Africa) 
* Aziz Fall (member of the Group for Research and Initiatives for the 
Liberation of Africa) 
* Pierre George (indigenous rights activist from the Stoney Point nation) 
* Nandita Sharma (Open the Borders!) 
* Sharon Venne (Cree activist and writer) 

  ---> SATURDAY, June 15, 2002, 10am-5pm <--- 
  Pavillon Lamoureux Hall 
  145 Jean-Jacques Lussier 
  room 122 
  University of Ottawa 

PANEL: Economic Growth: Death by Capitalism, 10am-12pm 
* Patrick Bond (academic and activist, Johannesburg, South Africa) 
* Sue Collis (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, OCAP) 
* Lisa Macpherson (Kimberly Rogers Womyns Brigade, Victoria, BC) 
* Samer Elatrash (Palestinian anti-colonial activist) 

WORKSHOPS: 12-1:30pm 
* Anti-Poverty Direct Action Casework - Facilitated by members of "The 
Spot", a youth drop-in center in Kitchener 
* "The G8 in 80 Minutes" - Presented by Jaggi Singh, organizer with Take 
the Capital 
* Anti-Capitalism and Cross-border Organizing - Facilitated by Jason Ford 
of the North-East Links Program, Action for Social and Ecological Justice 

LUNCH: 1:30-2:30pm 

PANEL: New Colonial Partnerships with Africa and Canada. 2:30-4:30pm 
* Shawn Brandt (OCAP, Tyendinaga Mohawk Nation) 
* Aziz Fall (Group for Research and Initiatives for the Liberation of 
* Bonita Lawrence (Native Studies Professor, Queen's University) 
* Sharon Venne (Cree writer and activist) 

WORKSHOPS: 4:30-6pm 
* What is the NEPAD (New Partnership for Africa's Development)? - 
Presented by Tamara Herman and Aziz Fall of the Group for Research and 
Initiatives for the Liberation of Africa (GRILA) 
* Colonialism in Canada - A continued discussion with Bonita Lawrence, 
Native Studies Professor, Queen's University (Kingston) 
* Attacking Global Governance - Presented by members of Montreal's 
Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC) 

  ---> SUNDAY, June 16, 2002, 10am-5pm <--- 
  Pavillon Lamoureux Hall 
  145 Jean-Jacques Lussier 
  room 122 
  University of Ottawa 

PANEL: State Terrorism: Wars at Home and Wars Abroad, 10am-12pm 
* Pierre George (indigenous rights activist) 
* Nandita Sharma (Open the Borders, Vancouver) 
* Amina Sherazee (immigration lawyer and counsel with the Canadian Arab 
* Sarwat Viquar (South Asia Center, Montreal) 

WORKSHOPS: 12-1:30pm 
* Immigration Direct Action Casework - Presented by Stef Gude of OCAP 
Immigration (Toronto) 
* Critically Examining the "War on Terrorism" - Facilitated by members of 
the Network Opposed to War and Racism, NOWAR (Ottawa) 
* Police Brutality and Capitalism - Presented by members of the Collective 
Opposed to Police Brutality (Montreal) 
* Resistance to Israeli Colonialism in Palestine - Presented by Samer 
Elatrash, Palestinian liberation activist 

LUNCH: 1:30-2pm 

PANEL: Resistance and Solidarity, 2-4pm 
* Rima Alhajj (Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights) 
* Andy Edwards (squatter and low-cost housing activist) 
* Manuel Rosenthal (Canada-Colombia Solidarity Campaign) 
* Elissar Sarrouh (Women Against the Occupation) 

WORKSHOPS: 4-5:30pm 
* Palestinian Self-Determination and Fighting Anti-Semitism - Facilitated 
by Ottawa-area activists, Rachel, Faisal and Sabrina 
* Know Your Rights - Presented by Legal Support Ottawa 
* Understanding Plan Colombia - Presented by Bessa Whitmore and Manuel 
Rosental of the Canada-Colombia Solidarity Campaign 
* Video-Activism - Facilitated by the Ottawa Video Activist Collective 


[NOTE: More workshops may be added to the schedule.] 


  Speaker Bios: 

Rima Alhajj -- Rima is the president of the organization Solidarity for 
Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) in Ottawa. Her responsibility is to ensure 
that SPHR representives educate the Canadian public about the Palestinian 
struggle, as well as the ongoing human rights violations being committed 
against Palestinians. 

Patrick Bond -- Patrick is an academic and activist at Wits University in 
Johannesburg, and with the Alternative Information and Development Centre 
(http://www.aidc.org.za). He has authored five books on aspects of 
neoliberalism in South Africa and is a ZNet (www.zmag.org) columnist. 

Shawn Brandt -- Shawn is an organizer with the Ontario Coalition Against 
Poverty (OCAP) in Toronto. He is from the Tyendinaga Mohawk Nation. 

Sue Collis -- Sue is an organizer with the Ontario Coalition Against 
Poverty (OCAP) in Toronto. 

Andy Edwards -- Andy was actively involved as a squatter and organizer in 
Montreal's Overdale and Prefontaine squats last summer. The squats lasted 
almost three months before being evicted by the riot police. He is a 
low-cost housing activist, and a father to three children. 

Samer Elatrash -- Samer is an anti-colonial activist and he has been an 
active member of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) as well as 
the Facing Reality anti-imperialist collective. 

Aziz Fall -- Aziz is a researcher with the Group for Research and 
Initiatives for the Liberation of Africa (GRILA), based in Montreal. 

Pierre George -- Pierre is an indigenous rights activist from the Stoney 
Point Nation (Aazhoodenaang Enjibaajig). He has been very active demanding 
justice for his brother Dudley George, who was murdered by the Ontario 
Provincial Police in 1995. 

Bonita Lawrence -- Bonita (Mi'kmaq/Metis) is Assistant Professor at the 
Institute of Women's Studies, Queen's University, where she teaches 
courses on Aboriginal women, anti-racism, Indigenous literatures, and 
introductory courses in both women's studies and Native Studies. 

Lisa Macpherson -- Lisa is a member of the Kimberly Rogers Womyns Brigade 
and the Anti-Poverty Coalition of Victoria, British Columbia. She was 
recently involved in an occupation of an MLA's office in opposition to the 
policies of the Gordon Campbell government in BC. 

Manuel Rosenthal -- Manuel is an organizer with the Canada-Colombia 
Solidarity Campaign (CCSC). The CCSC is seeking a negotiated solution to 
the Colombian conflict, a fundamental transformation in social and 
economic relations, and respect for the autonomy and integrity of popular 
and social movements. 

Elissar Sarrouh -- Elissar is a member of Women Against the Occupation. 
She is a founding member of the Palestinian Women Association of Ottawa. 
She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the National Council on 
Canada-Arab Relations and is a member of the Steering Committee of the 
Middle East Working Group. 

Nandita Sharma -- Nandita is a member of Open the Borders!, a group 
devoted to ending practices that displace people and to ensuring that all 
people have the self-determined ability to move. She is currently a 
Post-doctoral Fellow in the Sociology Department at the University of 
British Columbia. 

Amina Sherazee -- Amina is a Toronto-based lawyer and social justice 
activist. She is also counsel for the Canadian Arab Federation. 

Sarwat Viquar -- Sarwat is a Montreal-based social justice activist. As 
the coordinator of the South Asian Center (CERAS), she recently traveled 
to the refugee camps on the Afghan-Pakistani border. She is also a member 
of rebelDESIS. 

Sharon Venne -- Sharon is a Cree woman who has worked at the national and 
international level on indigenous issues since the early 1970's. She has 
written essays, articles and books on many topics related to the rights of 
Indigenous Peoples. At present, Sharon is working with the Akaitcho Dene 
to implement their Treaty that covers approximately 468,000 square 
kilometers in the Western Arctic. 

  ---> Organized by Take the Capital! 
  Info: 613-788-3310 or takethecapital@tao.ca 
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