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[Please forward far and wide...] 

"Our agenda for Kananaskis is focused and substantive. We will discuss 
strengthening global economic growth and fighting terrorism. I am 
especially committed to ensuring that we adopt a concrete action plan for 
working with African countries on key development issues such as 
strengthening governance, peace and security, education and health, and 
sustainable growth..."  - Jean Chrétien 

Find that hard to swallow? Honey spit that shit out! 

This coming June Jean Chrétien, George W. Bush, Tony Blair and the other 
so-called leaders of the industrialized world will meet in the foothills 
of Alberta, to continue planning the self-serving "war on terrorism" 
abroad and the attack on civil rights and political organizing at home. 

Queers of all sexualities and all genders, we want you! 

We need to take action, in clear opposition to the G8 and it's agenda of 
capitalist globalization. Queers have been fighting for decades for 
equality but how can we be equal in a fundamentally unequal system? The 
answer is we can't. No one can be sexually liberated while economically 
enslaved, while all power and wealth is controlled by economic and 
political elites, via institutions like the IMF, World Bank and the WTO. 
Make no mistake, our communities have made incredible gains. But did we 
really come all this way just to blend in with the dominant oppressive 
society? To abandon our counterparts in the Global South? To wear rainbow 
coloured clothes made in sweatshops? To celebrate "pride" as dictated 
by Molson or Labatts? 

Come out! Come out! 

Triangle Trash, Ottawa's radical Queer collective, along with Queer 
activists from Ontario & Quebec, is organizing a "Pink Bloc", this 
fabulous anti-capitalist queer contingent will converge on June 27, 2002 
at 1PM in Majors Hill Park (Across from the American Embassy) to 
participate in "NO ONE IS ILLEGAL!" a March of 1000 Flags of 
Resistance. To take a stand against borders, the criminalization of 
immigrants and refugees, racism, genocide and war. In solidarity with 
refugee and immigrant communities, indigenous struggles for 
self-determination, and all the victims of economic and military 
imperialism, so come on out and assert that NO ONE IS ILLEGAL! 

The march is part of the "TAKE THE CAPITAL!" campaign, two days of action 
against the G8, it is planned to be physically non confrontational, the 
march will not seek a permit. 

For more information on the campaign or "NO ONE IS ILLEGAL" march 
check out www.takethecapital.net or contact takethecapital@tao.ca 

For more info on the "Pink Bloc" or Triangle Trash contact us: 
triangletrash@yahoo.ca or call (819) 771-0925 

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