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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Get to Know the Activists: June 24-27, 2002

Take the Capital! is appealing to Ottawa residents to open their homes to out-
of-town activists later this month.  Last November hundreds were housed on very 
short notice and in the absence of support by local government.  Billeting out-
of-towners is a great way to meet and learn from other activists and to 
strengthen the broader movement for social justice by creating real links of 

We have created a form that enables you to register your offer of housing 
online.  Please check it out at: 


  Or follow the links from: 


We ask that people who are able to offer housing fill out as many of the fields 
as possible (except the "Other Issues" field which should only be filled out if 
absolutely necessary).  If you need to make changes to your offer, you can do 
so by selecting "change" at the top of the form, but make sure that you use the 
same first and last name so that we can find your original record. 

Institutional and non-residential facilities can also be registered on our 
system, and we encourage you to get in touch with a member of the housing 
committee via ttchousing@bust.com for help in doing this. 

Matching of out-of-town billets to in-town hosts will be done on two dates: 
June 16 and June 22.  If you submit your offer before June 16, follow up 
information will be provided by June 19.  If you submit your offer between 
June 16 and June 22, follow up information will be provided by June 23. 
Pending availability of course, we cannot guarantee matches after June 22. 

If you have any general questions about housing, send an email to 
ttchousing@bust.com, or leave a message on the TTC voicemail at (613) 

If you have questions about the use of the housing form, send an email to 
john.hollingsworth@sympatico.ca or keb@cyblings.on.ca, or call (613)244-0122. 

Thanks and in solidarity, 
Take The Capital Housing Committee 
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