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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Ottawa media promoting War/Air Show. Please respond.

Please boycott this event...

Event: Ottawa Air Show (aka. Ottawa War Show)
When: this weekend
Where: Ottawa Airport
More details: see the Ottawa Citizen article included below.

While boycotting the "air show" again this year, please write a letter or 
call CBC radio's "Talk Back" line to comment on what you think.

Ottawa media is actively promoting the coming War/Air Show

The City of Ottawa is today (Friday) being subjected to the roaring thunder 
of warplanes.  They are practising for tomorrow's big war festival and 
reminding people of the "entertainment" to come.  Many of these same 
warplanes have been tasked to fight nuclear war and to "deliver" nuclear 
warheads to their targets.  Many of these same warbirds have also 
"performed" over numerous "conventional" battlefields.

However, the people who were subjected to the roar of these types of 
warplanes during their vicious attacks on Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Panama, 
Grenada, Libya, Iraq, Yugoslavia (and dozens of other countries), were not 
filled with same glee and joy as some Ottawans are when they see these 
warplanes approaching.  The many victims of these warplanes certainly 
didn't pay money to go out and gawk at these weapons systems doing aerial 
stunts over their villages.  Neither did they celebrate the occasion by 
bringing their kids outside to ogle at the warplanes as they swooped down 
dropping napalm, cluster bombs, depleted uranium and many other 
"conventional weapons" designed to inflict the maximum amount of 
"collateral damage."

How can such horror, such celebrations of violence, be allowed to continue, 
let alone be encouraged?

Many Ottawa citizens have been caught up in the glorification of war 
technology by media outlets who are now shamelessly encouraging people to 
celebrate the presence in Ottawa of many types of warplanes -- warplanes 
that have mercilessly slaughtered literally millions of people.

Unfortunately, many Canadians just have no idea about the horrors that 
these warplanes have wreaked upon civilians around the world. The 
organizers of "air shows" are not about to tell potential customers what 
these planes have done, and what they will continue to do in future war 
zones.  This is clearly a case of the truth being bad for 
business.  Neither is the mainstream media telling the truth about these 
weapons systems.

Today's Ottawa Citizen article promoting the "air show" is included below. 
Please send a quick letter to the editor.  Let them know what you 
think.  Here's the link:

John Lacharity of CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning also gave the air show a 
really nice plug this morning.  (Last year, CBC radio even had a gung-ho 
reporter out at the "air show" early on Saturday morning.)  He raved about 
how great the show was and encouaged listeners to bring their kids!  Here's 
the link to John Lacharity and others at "Ottawa Morning":

For facts about the warplanes that are "performing" in Ottawa this weekend, 
you can refer to the following:

Ottawa Air Show's 31 Warplanes include nuclear, napalm, cluster and DU 
weapons delivery systems

Nuclear Bombers in Ottawa, Again!

Although the Ottawa Citizen and CBC radio are not official sponsors (i.e. 
"Partners") of the "air show," they might as well be.  They always actively 
promote the event by telling people exactly where and when it is, how much 
it costs and where to buy tickets.

Imagine how many extra people would attend events promoting peace if the 
media gave them the same amount of free publicity that they give to events 
promoting war. Peace events are often either completely ignored or they are 
given extremely negative, scaremongering media attention. Imagine how few 
people would attend "air shows" if they were ignored by the media or if 
they were given the same kind of negative treatment that peace events 
regularly receive?  Even if they just reported the facts about the hoorors 
caused by the warplanes on display, people might stay away in droves from 
this odd form of entertainment.

Official sponsors of the Ottawa air show include the following media 
TV:  CJOH, The New RO
Radio: CFRA, CIMF, Kool, The Bear, The Team.

Here are their email addresses in case you are inspired to send your 
comments to these "partners" of the "air show":

New RO: mailto:newssixottawa@thenewro.com
CJOH: mailto:cjohnews@ctv.ca
CFRA: mailto:news@cfra.com
CIMF: mailto:martin.potvin@rockdetente.com
Kool: mailto:cgordon@planetkool.com
Bear: mailto:gordman@thebear.net
Team: mailto:cgordon@chumottawa.com

Here are some more contacts for local CBC radio:
Executive Producer - Ottawa: Andy Clarke

Ottawa Radio News: Laurence Wall

Evan Dyer - 613-562-8446 mailto:evan_dyer@cbc.ca
Julie Ireton - 613-562-8900 mailto:julie_ireton@cbc.ca
David McKie - 613-562-8453 mailto:david_mckie@cbc.ca

Ottawa Morning: Jane Anido - Producer
613-562-8506  mailto:ottawamorning@cbc.ca

All In A Day: Linda Russell - Producer
613-562-8442 mailto:allinaday@cbc.ca

In Town & Out:
Rob Clipperton - Host/Producer
613-562-8426 mailto:intown@ottawa.cbc.ca

Here's a complete list of the above email addresses to add to your email 
address book:

(Note: the Thunderbirds -- so glowingly described in the article below -- 
use F-16s, the same type of warplane that killed four Canadians during that 
recent "friendly fire" incident in Afghanistan.  I hesitate to mention that 
fact because while these planes have killed thousands of foreign civilians 
during various wars, they have only killed four Canadians, so far.)

Here's the Ottawa Citizen article (Friday, June 14, 2002):

Air show promises lots of thunder

U.S. air force Thunderbirds join 'Canada's Snowbirds for 'ballet and 
rock'n'roll' combination that aims to thrill as many as 60,000


Like something out of the film Top Gun the United States air force 
Thunderbirds arrived Ottawa yesterday looking every bit the crack 
demonstration team they're known to be.

But it wasn't just the flashy paint jobs and the slick pilots that made the 
six F16 Fighting Falcons look good; it was the heavy-lift aircraft with a 
crew of so ground support staff in their crisp uniforms and Ray-Ban 
sunglasses that made it easy to believe this crew was all about the show, 
Afterall, the Thunderbirds are based in Las Vegas.

Behind them on the runway sat Canada's Snowbirds, neatly parked in a line, 
shining in the afternoon sun.

"The Snowbirds are the ballet and the Thunderbirds are rock n'roll," said 
air show President John Issenman. "That's the best way I can describe it."

After the insurance troubles that threatened to cancel this year's Ottawa 
International Air Show, Mr. Issenman says he is ready to make this year's 
weekend event the best show yet. A big part of the reason for his optimism 
is because of the combination of the Thunderbirds, whose only Canadian 
appearance is in Ottawa this year, and the low-altitude aerobatics of the 

Ottawa-born Capt. Andy MacKay has been a pilot with the Snowbirds for only 
one year and has performed in almost a dozen shows, but this weekend will 
be his first appearance before a hometown crowd.

"You just can't beat the flying," says Capt. MacKay, who flew a Sea King 
helicopter for four years before, joining the Snowbirds. "I'm stoked, It 
will be good; my friends and family will be out in the crowd."

But Capt. MacKay will not be the only area pilot in the air this weekend. 
Capt. Scott "Shrubby" Shrubsole will be making his third appearance.

In 1997 and 1998, Capt. Shrubsole was a pilot with the Snowbirds, but this 
year he will be flying the Canadian Forces CF18 Hornet.

"It's a little different this time around," says Capt. Shrubsole who 
graduated from Merivale High School in 1987. "Instead of being a member of 
a nine-pilot
team, I will be all on my own, so it will be a little harder to hide mistakes."

"The theme of the air show is 'United in Freedom,' as well as a tribute to 
our war veterans," says Mr. Issenman. "The air show is a celebration of 
aviation and a great deal of our aviation focus will revolve around the 

Many Canadians have heard about the aging C130 Hercules heavy lift 
aircraft. But those interested in seeing the new C130J Hercules that could 
replace the old warriors can take a tour of the plane at this year's show.

The military angle has some upset that war machines are being glorified 
without telling visitors about the dark side of war. "These weapons systems 
drop dozens of different kinds of weapons that have killed millions of 
civilians," says Richard Sanders, co-ordinator of an activist group called 
Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade. "This show inspires awe in children, 
but doesn't tell them about napalm and the effects of planes dropping 
nuclear weapons on Japan."
Organizers are expecting about 60,000 people over the weekend to an event 
that typically brings in around $1.3 million to the economy.

Gates open at the Ottawa Airport at 8:30 a.m. and close at 6:oo p.m. each 
day, with air displays beginning about 11:00 a.m.

Tickets are available at the gate for $18.50 or $17 in advance for adults 
and $12.00 for children at the gate or $10.50 in advance through Ticketmaster.

Flying Displays
U.S. air force Thunderbirds
Canadian Forces Snowbirds
Canadian Forces Skyhawks
Julie Clark's MOPAR T34
Bombardier CL415 water drop
Canadian Forces CF18 Hornet
U.S. Air Force F15 Eagle
U.S. Air Force B1B Lancer

Ground Displays
USAF T1A Jayhawk
USN T2C Buckeye
USAF C5 Galaxy
USN EA6B Prowler,
USAF A1OA Thunderbolt 11
USN C12B King Air
USN F14 Tomcat
USAF F15E Strike Eagle (2)
USAF F16C Fighting Falcon (2)
USAF Cl7A Globemaster Ill
Canadian Forces CF18 Hornet
USN F18 Hornet
USAF T38 Talon
CF CH124 Sea King
USAF C13O Hercules
USAF C13OJ-30 Hercules
CF CP14O Aurora
CF CC142 Dash8
CF CCl44 Challerger
Cl6O Transall
Tornado-Luftwaffe Fighter
A3lO Airbus

Richard Sanders, Coordinator,
Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)
(A network of individuals and NGOs across Canada and around the world)
Tel: 613-231-3076   Email: ad207@ncf.ca   Web: http://www.ncf.ca/coat

If you'd prefer not to receive emails from COAT,
respond to this email with REMOVE in the subject line.

Richard Sanders, Coordinator,
Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)
(A network of individuals and NGOs across Canada and around the world)
Tel: 613-231-3076   Email: ad207@ncf.ca   Web: http://www.ncf.ca/coat

If you'd prefer not to receive emails from COAT,
respond to this email with REMOVE in the subject line.

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