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[OPIRG-EVENTS] GDO Meeting for Freedom Fair - Jun 18 - 7.30pm

Global Democracy Ottawa meeting to Organize the Freedom Fair that takes place this coming Saturday June 22nd

Tuesday June 18th, 2002
7.30 PM

Saint Paul University
Room 103
223 Main Street,
Ottawa (Wheelchair Accessible)

Our Meetings are always open to all.
No media reporting

More Information
(613) 761-1724

Global Democracy Ottawa (GDO) is planning a rally and Freedom Fair on
Saturday June 22, just before the G8 summit (the leaders of the 7
wealthiest countries in the world plus Russia) in Kananaskis. The
event will give us an opportunity to raise public awareness about the
G8's agenda for Africa, celebrate African resistance and resilience,
and make the links between the current situations in Canada and the
African continent. more info -> http://www.gdo.ca/events.html

Come help us organize!

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