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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Jun 24: OSOC Focus group discussion on citizenship and citizenship education

Our Schools, Our Communities (OSOC):

During the week of June 24, OSOC will host a three- to 3 1/2-hour focus 
group discussion on citizenship and citizenship education, on behalf of the 
Canadian Teachers' Federation. We're looking for 15 to 20 local 
participants, representing a cross-section of parents, teachers, students, 
trustees, school administrators, and community leaders, to discuss the 
links between public education and democratic citizenship. Refreshments and 
a small gift will be provided to all participants.

If it strikes you that this is an odd time for OSOC to be engaging in a 
qualitative research project, you're right -- but the timing and format of 
the focus group permit us to include a series of questions that will help 
us frame strong arguments about the impact of continuing school cutbacks. 
(Any leftover revenue from the assignment will also help us buy a larger 
print ad at the end of the month.) Which means that you can help us 
continue the fight for an adequately-funded public school system by joining 
a bunch of other interesting, informed people for a fascinating, 
stimulating discussion.

Our preference is to hold the focus group during the late afternoon/early 
evening of June 24. If you're interested in the discussion and available at 
any time that week, please let us know by return e-mail ASAP. The need for 
a broadly representative group will prevent us from confirming spots on a 
first come, first served basis, but we will get back to you as soon as 

Mitchell Beer
Our Schools, Our Communities
P.O. Box 4804, Station E
Ottawa, ON   K1S 5H9
(613) 237-6227/voice
(613) 235-0155/fax
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