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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Freedom Fair - Saturday June 22

Rally, March and Picnic
for a Better Future for All of Us
"Celebrate African Resistance and Resilience"

Confederation Park
(Elgin & Laurier)
Saturday, June 22
1 to 5 PM

GATHER  AT NOON at the plaza of the National Gallery on Sussex Drive. 
MARCH through the Byward Market to Confederation Park

Join us for a non-violent rally and Freedom Fair on Saturday June 22, just before the G8 summit (the leaders of the 7 wealthiest countries in the world plus Russia) in Kananaskis. 

Help us raise public awareness about the G8's agenda for Africa, celebrate African resistance and resilience, and make the links between the current situations in Canada and the African continent. 

Privatisation, corporate control, and putting the squeeze on working people, the poor, and the environment are central to the G8's plans for Africa - and Canada.

'featuring speeches, music, workshops, theatre, crafts, food and drink'

More Information
(613) 761-1724

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