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[OPIRG-EVENTS] March Route: No One is Illegal (June 27, 2002, OTTAWA)

The organizers of the No One Is Illegal march on June 27, part of the Take
the Capital Days of Action against the G8, have determined the route of
the NO ONE IS ILLEGAL March of 1000 Flags of Resistance. The route is
included below, along with other final details about the March. See you in
Ottawa on June 26 and 27!

The Route of the No One Is Illegal march (THURSDAY, June 27, 2002, OTTAWA)

Gathering at Major's Hill Park, across from the U$ Embassy, at 1pm
(sharp!!), with speeches, music and poetry. We will be inside the park,
near the entrances off Mackenzie street.

Leaving the park at about 1:30pm, past Mackenzie and Sussex onto Murray
Street heading east. Right turn onto Parent, heading south. Left turn onto
Clarence, then quick right turn onto William Street. South on William to
George. Right turn onto George then right onto Byward Market heading
north. Right onto York Street heading east (NOTE: If the demo is too
large, a left turn will be made immediately onto York after going south on
William). Right turn onto Dalhousie heading south. Left turn at Besserer
(at the Simon Bolivar statue) then a quick right onto Waller Street. South
onto Waller, then right onto the Mackenzie King Bridge. There will be a
brief stop on the bridge for speeches near the Department of National

Crossing the Mackenzie King Bridge and marching to the intersection of
Albert and Elgin, the location of the British Embassy. A brief stop here
for remarks. Continuing west along Albert to O'Connor, the intersection
where the Mexican and Israeli embassies are located. Another stop for
speeches and poems. Continuing west along Albert to Bank. Left turn onto
Bank, heading south. Past Slater, then right turn onto Laurier. West along
Laurier to the intersection with Kent. Stop at intersection for speeches
and poems at the location of the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.
North along Kent, past Slater to the intersection with Albert. Another
brief stop, within sight of the Colombian Embassy. Continuing north on
Kent to the intersection with Wellington. Stop for speeches and poems in
front of the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Court. Right onto
Wellington, heading east.

Heading east on Wellington to Parliament Hill. The march will end with
concluding speeches, poems and music, and then disperse.

NOTE: There is no requirement to ask permission to march in public spaces
in Canada, a right guaranteed by the Charter. This is an important
principle, and the basis on which NO ONE IS ILLEGAL will be openly
marching on the streets of Ottawa.

A statement about the character and tone of the NO ONE IS ILLEGAL march,
as well as an updated list of endorsers, is available at:

There will be buses arriving for the demo from all over Ontario and
Quebec, including many participants from the Maritimes and the United

Don't forget to bring your banners, flags and other symbols of resistance.
Bring along music, noise-makers, and your creative chants, slogans and
rhymes. "Hey hey, ho ho, boring chants have got to go!"

For more info about all the Take the Capital actions, consult:

In solidarity with anti-G8 protests in Alberta and around the world ...
We are everywhere!!

Ottawa Actions Against the G8
June 26-27, 2002
613-788-3310 (messages only)
on parle francais.
se habla espanol.

"Take the Capital!"
June 26-27, Ottawa
"Prenons le Capital! Prenons la Capitale!"
26-27 juin, Ottawa

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