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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Wed.Jun.26, noon - Women Unveil their Social Safety Net

Come one - Come all !               And please distribute widely.
The Revolutionary Knitting circle action will take place:

Wednesday June 26th, 2002

11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Canadian Council of Chief Executives
90 Sparks Street, Ottawa 
and Sparks St. between Metcalfe & Elgin

ON THE AGENDA:	Very few speeches but some street theater...

For information, call Shellie - 233-0228 or e-mail <womensmarch@magma.ca>

*** This action is meant to give an opportunity to women and children to
protest the G8 using participatory street theatre. It is a totally
non-confrontational action. It is a childfriendly action. Groups of
elderly women, church women's groups, have already called to confirm
their participation to this event. We have the permission of the Sparks
Street mall to hold our event on that street and use their structure to
hang our "social safety net" that  is now assembled. It is humongous!!!

This action is intended to be very low-risk. Please respect the
character of this action.

The Ottawa Committee of the World March of Women challenges 
the rights of the G8 to make decisions that adversely affect 
the economic and social well being of women and children. 
The G8 is a group of wealthy men who decide the fates of the 
vast majority of the world.

The Ottawa Committee of the World March of Women is inviting 
all women, children and men who want to support our action to 
join us in our protest against greed and globalization. 
Since March 8th, International Women's Day, women from all over 
the country have been knitting squares that are now being assembled 
to form a gigantic "social safety net"  to be unveiled during 
the G8 Summit as our symbol of knitting the community together 
and providing a barrier to corporate oppression.


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