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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Debriefing of G8 actions

Did you participate in anti-G8 actions in Ottawa this past week? Marches,
teach-ins, snake dances, bike masses, squatting, witnessing, indymedia,
letters-to-the-editor, food kitchens, medical corps, legal teams, knitting
circle, raging grannies, crowd control, or whatever else you did, or wish you
did, you are invited to talk about your experiences at an irregular session of
the Ottawa Chapter of the Council of Canadians this Sunday the 30th in Room 101
at the Jack Purcell Community Centre (off Elgin, right behind the Gilmour Street
Squat) 7:00 pm./ 19:00.

David Creighton
Ottawa Chapter CofC
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