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[OPIRG-EVENTS] July 5 - G-Spot Benefit Show w/ The Creeps, Elysium, Zephyr, and RadioDazed

The Garden Spot (or G-Spot) will be hosting a rockerific benefit concert :

WHEN?                  Friday, July 5 @ 9:00 pm
WHERE?                Bumpers (580 Bank St.)
WHO?                    The Creeps, Elysium, Zephyr, and RadioDazed
HOW MUCH?        $5

The Garden Spot is the vegan food service provided by the Carleton Food
Collective.  In the past school year the Garden Spot provided healthy,
pay-what-you-can, several course lunches to starving students every day.
We've managed to keep busy during the summer by cooking for events such as
Take the Capital  (colaborating with Food Not Bombs and The People's
Potato), and recently, cooking for the squatters down at 246 Gilmour St.
Your support for the Garden Spot would be much appreciated, and the show is
sure to be blast !

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