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[OPIRG-EVENTS] 7 year squat event

From: "Darren Puscas" <darren_puscas@on.aibn.com>

Want to know what people are up to in the Gilmour St. squat?  Want to see
what the house looks like and how the new residents have fixed it up?  Want
to learn more about the Ottawa housing crisis and what you can do to fight
it?  Want to know what this had to do with the G8 protests?  Then come to the:

7 Year squat Open House and Info Night
Thursday July 4, 2002
246 Gilmour St.  Ottawa

Open House: 3 pm to 6:45 pm  - Get a tour of the house!  Meet your new

Info Night: 7 pm to 9pm - Come listen to great speakers from the Ottawa
community on the housing crisis, what can be done, and news from the squat.
The info night will be at a yet to be finalized location within a block of the
squat.  Speakers and location will be announced in the next email announcement
which will come in the next day or two.

See you there!

7 Year Squat
Ph: 262-9021 or 262-6403
email: 7yearsquat@ziplip.com

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