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[OPIRG-EVENTS] potluck this wednesday - cooking up a revolution


the garden spot and manufacturing dissent are compiling a cookbook of
recipes, information and stories around our experiences with food.

we're hosting weekly potlucks at dundonal park (somerset and lyon) every
wednesday at 6pm

you are invited to our second potluck, this wednesday july 10th, 2002 at

bring your favourite meal, snack, drink, dessert, and the recipe, so we
can include it in the cookbook

please bring a bowl/dish, cup, and utensils if possible

we're also looking for the following submissions

rants on gmos, pesticides, veganism, etc.
tips on cooking, gardening, dumpster diving, etc.
poetry and stories
vegan recipes
artwork (including a cover idea)
anything you are inspired to share

share your stories about your favourite meal, sharing your food with
your community and family, gardening, the struggles you've had with the
increasing commodification of our food sources and production.

e-mail your submissions, by july 20th to
or call 236-4809 to deliver your materials in person.
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