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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Activist Network for Ottawa/Hull Region

The Activist Network now has full support for the Ottawa/Hull region.

The starting access point is http://ottawa.activist.ca/

To add a listing to the Activist Network for Ottawa/Hull, you can 
select the "Add Listing" link found in the header of any page on the 
website. That link is:

We support a wide range of listings. For example: events, letter 
writing campaigns, job and volunteer opportunities, boycotts, 
petitions, e-mail lists, web-links, etc.

Ottawa/Hull area events posted to the Activist Network website will 
automatically be sent to the OPIRG-Events e-mail list. A weekly 
summary of new listings will be sent, too.

Any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, etc. about the 
Activist Network and it's Ottawa/Hull support, can be sent to: 

Grant Neufeld (past OPIRG-Carleton volunteer)
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