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[OPIRG-EVENTS] (Aug2,2002) Launch of "legal squat" [Protest/Rally]

** Launch of "legal squat"
from Friday, August 2, 2002 
12:00 PM
NEXT: Friday, August 2, 2002

website: <http://ourmedia.8m.net/>

The battle for more social housing in Ottawa is a war that we combat ever day for the year. Since the city of Ottawa want to stop us from educating the public on this problem the police have closed the last squat. I am proposing that we occupy a public place, the major advantage is that this occupation is that it will be legal, so the police and the city of Ottawa will have more difficulty to stop us.

The occupation will be in front of a public building. The idea is to cause massive disturbance but without vandalizing private property or confronting the police.

This tactic for protest will raise knowledge about the housing crisis in Ottawa and the Tenant Protection bill. Our non-violent approach protest will be more interesting for some non-violent protesters - since the main comment about the Gilmore squat was it's illegality which scared some people that were willing to help us out?

Our tactic will be to live in front for a public building for a short period for time (1 to 2 weeks) to denounce the difficulty that homeless have to deal with every day for the year.

Everyone is invited, does not matter the age because this is a struggle that affects everyone in Ottawa. The location will only be announced 2 hours before the opening for the 'Legal Squat'.

We need to know if anyone is interested to participle .If u are leave a comment on indymedia or send us a email at ourmedia@hotmail.com. Please to not leave any personnel information just a conformation of your participation. Unfortunately if we do not receive 25 or more conformation we will have to cancel. If this is the case (sure hope it's not) I will send email and post a message on indymedia.

starting point
* War Monument (Elgin Steet)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Cost: free 
Ages: all-ages
Languages: English, French
No childcare available.
 or animals may be present.
No sign-language interpretation is provided.
Smoking is permitted.

* Y.L.
E-mail: ourmedia&nbsp;[at}&nbsp;hotmail&nbsp;(dot)&nbsp;com

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