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[OPIRG-EVENTS] FWD:Rally SundayJuly 28 @2pm Parliament Hill

Forwarded, orginal from SPHR.

Dear Members and Friends,

The SPHR was forwarded the below information. It is
very important that you attend to show solidarity with
the Palestinian people that are facing massacres. 
Below is an extract from the BBC online explain the
recent attacks on innocent Palestinian CIVILIANS.

SPHR Executive

Canadian Rally for Free Palestine
Sunday July 28, 2002
Ottawa, Parliament Hill, 2:00 - 4:00pm

For more information call (819) 665-3142 or
email at: end_the_occupation@sympatico.ca
Israeli tanks and bulldozers have rolled into Gaza
City, flattening three buildings and leaving two
Palestinians seriously injured.

They destroyed a police post and two metal workshops,
in what was the second operation to be carried out in
the Gaza Strip in three days.

Israel has been roundly condemned by Western and Arab
nations alike for an air strike on Gaza City on Monday
night which killed 15 people, including nine children.

In the latest operation, tanks and a bulldozer pushed
their way into the city and flattened a small
Palestinian military intelligence position as
well as a metal workshop, before blowing up another
workshop in a blast across the city.

For the full story please visit

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