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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Critical Mass, Cycling for Sustainability, Aug 9th

Date: Friday August 9th 2002
Time: Gather at 4:30 pm, start at 5 pm
Location: Fountain of Confederation Park, Elgin & Laurier
	Julien Lamarche, jlam@comnet.ca
	h: (613) 746-8423 ; w: (819) 772-4925 ; we: (819) 647-2962
Web: http://www.cycle.wild.net.au/home.html

At Critical Masses, people gather together to ride through the city
using sustainable methods of transportation, mostly cycling but also
skateboarding, rollerblades, etc. The goal of the event is to promote
these sustainable mothods of transportation as  viable solutions to car
related problems, including destruction of sense of community and air pollution.

Cycling for Sustainability is a bike caravan of 15 cyclists crossing the
country for multiple goals:
- To raise awareness of sustainable solutions to pressing global
environmental and community issues, namely climate change and GMOs.
- To raise $20,000 for the Canadian Organic Growers Association and the
Saskatchewan Organic Directorate (for their court action against Monsanto)
- Encourage Canadians to sign on to http://www.thebet.ca/ .
- Make available the research we gather during our cycle through the
towns and cities we visit.
- Create stronger links between groups throughout the country that are
working on these issues.

They will be in Ottawa from thursday August 8th to Monday August 12th.
If you have ideas for activities for the caravan or wish to organise
activities, please call Julien Lamarche, jlam@comnet.ca , home (613)
746-8423 ; work: (819) 772-4925 ; weekends: (819) 647-2962

Civil disobedience is our only mean of expression in a system that only
sees citizens of the earth as consummers, voters or workers.
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