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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Cycling for Sustainability: Thurs. August 8th to the 11th

Cycling for Sustainability will be rolling in on thursday afternoon.
Events that are currently confirmed are:
- Friday August 9th, noon: Panfliting in front of the Monsanto office at
130 Albert St (between Metcalfe & O'Connor).
- Friday August 9th, 4:30 pm: Critical Mass. We gather at the fountain
of Confederation Park (Laurier & Elgin) at 4:30 and start cycling at 5 pm
- Saturday August 10th, 10 am: Parking meter party in the Byward Market.
The caravan will be serving food.
- Saturday August 10th, 5:30 pm: Potluck at Dundonald Park (Sommerset &
Lyon) possibly fallowed by workshops.

 Fellow cyclists can also join the caravan when they leave Ottawa on the
11th and cycle eastward, their next stops being Alfred and Oka before Montreal.


 The caravan seeks to promote sustainable lifestyle choices that
Canadian citizens can incorporate into their daily lives, but also
acknowledge the role of the community.

The ultimate goals of the caravan are to:
- raise awareness of sustainable solutions to pressing global and community
environmental issues;
- creating stronger links between environmental groups throughout the country;
- enlightening communities with the knowledge and research they have
accumulated both before and during their travels;
- encouraging Canadians to sign on to www.thebet.ca;
- as well as to raise money via donations for the Canadian Organic
Growers Association.

 Their group consists of a diverse range of participants from Australia,
United States, and Canada of all different ages and backgrounds; this
not only adds dimension to the group, but also an inner circle of
knowledge- sharing which further strengthens their campaign. C4S is also
drawing attention to the Kyoto Protocol ratification process, the
contamination of organic crops via cross-pollination with nearby
genetically modified
species and airborne pesticide residues.

Cycling for Sustainability: In Ottawa, August 8th to 11th
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