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[OPIRG-EVENTS] OCSJ job posting - seeking a new COORDINATOR - please circulate

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From: Ontario Coalition for Social Justice [mailto:ocsj@ocsj.ca]
Sent: Friday, August 09, 2002 12:22 AM
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Subject: OCSJ job posting - seeking a new COORDINATOR - please circulate

The Ontario Coalition for Social Justice is SEEKING A NEW COORDINATOR
Location: Toronto
Deadline for application: Thursday August 29, 2002
Salary: $42,000-45,000 per year
Start Date: Middle to late September 2002
The Ontario Coalition for Social Justice (OCSJ) is a provincial coalition of
local social justice coalitions, labour, faith, housing, anti-poverty,
seniors, student, international development, community service, and other
like-minded groups working for social and economic justice in Ontario. The
OCSJ is committed to: expanding the quality, accessibility and universality
of health care, education and social welfare programs; promoting anti-racism
and anti-oppression work; advocating economic policies that protect the
rights of workers and lead to fair employment with compensation at a livable
wage; and protecting and expanding all of the programs and services that
ensure our quality of life in Ontario.

We collectively achieve this work through our network of community-based
social justice coalitions across the province. On an ongoing basis the OCSJ
provides support to local social justice coalitions in more than twenty
communities. We help them get established, make contacts and provide ideas
about and supports around events and campaigns. We distribute information
and resources from provincial and national groups. The OCSJ also engages in
province wide campaigns, like our recent "Unfit to Govern" campaign which
re-focused attention on the devastation committed by the Tories. The new
provincial coordinator will also participate in work preparing for the
upcoming provincial election.

The OCSJ needs a dynamic, progressive person committed to social justice to
provide overall coordination of all activities of this provincial coalition,
supporting the work of local area social justice networks and intensifying
our work at the community level, as well as administering the provincial
coalition's campaigns and information sharing networks. The work of the
provincial coordinator is reported to and supported by the OCSJ Steering


1. Work to strengthen the support OCSJ gives to existing and developing
community level social justice coalitions.


-Respond to the organizing needs and informational requests of existing
local groups
-Plan and facilitate local roundtable meetings to support the emergence of
new social justice coalitions
-Work with local communities to identify contacts, help develop broader
networks and assist in developing local action plans
-Work with provincial groups to gain support for local organizing
-Facilitate workshops and training with all member groups
-Organize the 4 seasonal OCSJ membership assemblies

2. Work to ensure implementation of provincial campaigns like the ongoing
FIT TO GOVERN movement-building campaign and assist in provincial election


-Monitor relevant provincial legislation and government activity and make
this information available to member groups through our communication
-Support member groups lobby and public education campaigns
-Ensure representation of the OCSJ at lobby meetings
-Write and release appropriate press releases
-Act as and/or arrange for an OCSJ media spokesperson and public speaker

3. Develop our own, as well as distribute the resources of our member groups
throughout our network.


-Ensure that the OCSJ membership directory, OCSJ media directory and the
OCSJ anti-poverty group directory are regularly updated and distributed
-Keep updated and distribute our general coalition building resources
-Share the activities and resources of member groups with each other through
our mailings, E-bulletins and website


-Experience in working with a broad range of groups including trade unions,
low-income groups, women's groups, students, seniors and ethnic and
multiracial groups and working in coalitions
-Excellent community organizing and community development skills
-Experience facilitating meetings and workshops
-Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
-Excellent communication skills and ability to manage a system for
disseminating information
-Experience in fund-raising is an asset
-Experience in media relations
-Excellent computer, desktop publishing skills and e-mail skills
-Office management including bookkeeping, financial report, databases etc.
-Multi-lingual skills a definite plus


-Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
-All work will be in conjunction with and accountable to the OCSJ Steering
-Must be accountable to collective decisions and respect and foster teamwork
and collective action
-Must be willing and able to travel to various parts of the province
-Ability to supervise and support student placements


Please send resumes and cover letter to: OCSJ, 15 Gervais Drive, #305,
Toronto, Ontario, M3C 1Y8. You may also email your resume to ocsj@ocsj.ca.

We regret that only those chosen for an interview will be contacted.

We are committed to the principles of Employment Equity and we encourage
applications from people of colour, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered
people, aboriginal people, women, persons with disabilities, and other
equality seeking groups.

Ontario Coalition for Social Justice
15 Gervais Drive, #305
Toronto, Ontario  M3C 1Y8
416-441-3714 (p) -- 416-441-4073 (f)
ocsj@ocsj.ca -- www.ocsj.ca

bringing together people, ideas and communities for progressive change
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