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[OPIRG-EVENTS] the Flaps off the Side of the Moon Festival


From August 23rd to 25th, various collectives and organizations will be 
coming together for the Flaps off the Side of the Moon Festival. A 3 day 
gathering bringing together everyone and their Mother in celebration of 
culture, creative expression, fellowship and respect. We invite you to 
participate in an interactive art exhibit with spontaneous performances, 
captivating workshops and theatrical presentations. 

There still are plenty of opportunity for volunteering. Volunteering is a 
good way of meeting new people and discovering your hidden talents. Plus 
you'll feel good about yourself knowing you helped the community and you 
were part of the Flaps Off The Side Of The Moon Festival crew!

If you or others you know would be interested in presenting or facilitating 
workshops on subjects in keeping with the Flaps off the Side of the Moon 
Festival, please contact Jeremy Bell at <jeremy@tao.ca> or at (613) 526-
9682. If you would like to volunteer in other ways, contact 
<info@fulltiltboogie.ca> or call (613) 562-1085.

The festival is sponsored in part by OPIRG Carleton as a project of research 
into sustainable community development through celebration. Although the 
initiative is in its first year, the festival already provides a focal point 
for the creation of a decentralized, organic network of grass roots 
organizations and individuals dedicated to social change. The organizers 
strongly believe that the creation of a space for community and 
communication will naturally generate direction and sustainability for what 
is intended to be an annual event. 

For more information on the Flaps off the Side of the Moon Festival, check 
out the website at <www.fulltiltboogie.ca> or call the info line at (613) 

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