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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Direct Action Case Work Meeting Wednesday


a short note to let you all know that the next meeting
for the direct action casework group will be on Wednesday
September 4th at 6:30 at Dundonald Park [Somerset and

At our last meeting we discsussed putting together a series
of information/training sessions beginning in late September
for people interested in direct action casework [either to do
this work or be supported by it], as well as putting together 
forms for cases, and creating a cheat sheet of sorts for 
contact information [local Citizenship and Immigration Centre, 
rental tribunal, legal aid, etc.]. We also discussed setting up 
a phone line, and logistics around that.

There is certainly a need for direct action casework in Ottawa.  
According to the Ontario Coalition Against the Tories, there 
are 100 landlord applications for evictions on a weekly basis 
in Ottawa.  As well, at any one time there are usually 10-12 
refugees and immigrants detained [likely at the Ottawa-Carleton
Detention Centre on Innes Road].  

We've been in contact with groups that have experience in direct
action casework or similar work [e.g.  Ontario Coalition Against
Poverty and Ottawa's Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation]
for advice.  As well, in assessing the situation for immigrants
and refugees [such as deportation, detention, access to legal aid]
we have been in contact with various groups in town that offer 
settlement services.  Overall, people from these groups have expressed
a need for direct action casework in Ottawa.

If you are interested, please come out to the next meeting.  If you cannot
make it, please get in touch with me.


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